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The tro-tro is the local form of transport. They are basically small mini-buses. The difference with the Tro-Tro, however, is that they are extremely cheap and the passengers smile a lot! They also seem to have loads to talk about with anyone and everyone.

The origins of the name Tro-Tro is that Ga language word "tro," which means three pence (pence being the penny coins used during Ghana's colonial days). In the colonial days, the mass transit vehicle charged passengers three pence per trip, and thus were referred to as "tro-tros," and the name have struck ever since.

After a busy week at your school or your work placement, you could jump on a tro-tro and take a trip to Kokrobite beach (about a 30-minute journey out of the city center) where you can sit back and relax with a cold drink and leave the hustle and bustle behind.

The best introduction to any city is a good browse in one of its main hawking grounds. Right at the heart of central Accra, the Makola Market brims with glass bead and batik sellers. Makola is one of the Continent's most colourful marketplaces and also one of the most interesting and picturesque. You can't help but admire the business acumen of the Ghanaian women traders. Kaneshie Market on the western side of the city is the one to hit for mouth-watering foods and spices. James Town, on a short peninsula southwest of the center, is a handsome neighbourhood that's also worth a wander. 

The Handicraft Market mustn't be missed before you return home. The market is location in the Center for National Arts and Culture, popularly known as Arts Center, next to the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, off the High Street in Accra. It is the biggest market for handicraft products in the country.

All kinds of handicrafts imaginable may be found in this market, ranging from wood carvings, traditional musical instruments, cane and raffia products, leather ware, gold, silver and bronze jewellery, beads, clay products, antiques, to paintings, and many more. Many items are made in Ghana, but some are brought in from  Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Cote d'Ivoire, Togo, Senegal and Nigeria.

If you can, try visiting the University of Ghana, in Legon (14 Kilometres north of Accra). It's a showpiece of Japanese architecture in a tropical setting.

Thinking of doing a Placement but can’t decide if you want to give yourself extra time for travel? Charlotte Otter tells about some of her adventures around Ghana after her placement:

“Just chilling by the beach - lovely - my tan is coming along nicely now!!  We went to Cape Coast and stayed in this hotel (sorry botel ... it was a floating hotel) which is surrounded by crocodiles (that was soooooo cool). And then the next day we went to the nearby rainforest (Kakum National Park) to go on this canopy walkway (oh my God!!! the views .... the height ..... the wobbliness of the bridge - which was basically ladders supported by ropes with planks on the top to walk on, really, really really high off the ground. It was amazing!)

Then we stayed the night in the rainforest. Supposed it was ok. We thought we were going to bed really late, because it had been dark for ages (goes dark about 6-ish) but it was actually only 9.30.

Then the next morning we went for a guided tour around the forest. We were promised monkeys and lions and tigers (well, the first one, anyway) and all we saw were trees - about which we learnt their medicinal properties (fun fun fun) and loads of ants. Everybody managed to walk in their path - but seeing as I was at the back of the group I didn't, so I’m fine (hahaha - smug laugh) but yeah....this guard he kept stopping and looking round and then pointing to something in the bushes ... and it was blatantly obvious that there was nothing to be seen, but still, it was good fun!!

Am staying now in this town called Kakaratie (well, that's how you say it anyway!). It's nice. Going to the beach tomorrow (to chill out) and then onto this stilt village on Friday. Fun, fun, fun! .

Feeling a bit sick - eaten too much, too quickly. I had this whole Chinese meal which was HUGE for £1.50 [US$2.50] or thereabouts, including drinks .... bargains or what???? But yes, that’s my update on news”

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List of ALL PROJECTS in Ghana
Got any questions? Please email us:

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