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Vanakam - Welcome to India!

Mouth-watering arrays of dishes are on offer when you enrol on our cookery classes in Madurai. Choose what you’d like to cook from an extensive choice of recipes, visit the market to purchase your fresh vegetables, meat and fish, and learn how to cook south Indian style with your own private chef!


  • Cookery class running concurrently with your project
    1 Lesson (spread over two days):
    Price: Full Price List

  • A one Month Cookery class running concurrently with your project
    4 Lessons (one a week over 4 weeks):

    Price: Full Price List

Cooking is an institution in India and life revolves around the kitchen in most houses. Snack stalls and restaurants are in abundance and you will find someone preparing food at all hours of the day and night! It is hard to pass by without stopping for a delicious vada or pakoda.

From the ladies selling small piles of onions to large fruit and vegetable markets, the streets are a riot of colour and aromatic spices. Strange looking vegetables and spiky fruits await you!

Cuisine in India varies greatly in each region. In the north roti (bread) is the favourite whereas in the south rice is the staple food. Coconut is also used liberally as are curry leaves. All meals however are generally eaten with lentils, vegetables and chutney. India is a paradise for vegetarians, and the variety of fruits and vegetables and the numerous ways of cooking them here are truly amazing. Non vegetarians however will be tempted by the chicken, mutton and fish.

Breakfast in the south consists of Idly, Dosa, and Vada served with a host of chutneys. Lunch and dinner is usually a meal of steamed rice, which comes in all manner of forms such as lemon, coconut, tomato, egg, fried and biriyani. This is served with accompanying items which typically include sambhar and various vegetable dishes and rasam (a hot peppery soup). Instead of rice, parota, dosa, idiyappam, idli, chapatti or poori maybe on offer, again with a subji (vegetable) dish.

Our cooking classes are held at the house of a local trained cook. She currently teaches cooking classes in a school in Madurai, therefore your classes will be held after 3.30pm. For one cooking session, 2 days are required and you will make a total of 8 dishes which will normally consist of a rice or bread dish; a meat and a vegetable dish and a dessert. Vegetarians can choose 2 vegetable dishes each day.

You will choose your menu beforehand and on arrival, the teacher will chat to you about the ingredients required and then she will take you shopping to the local market. You will come back and prepare and eat the first of your 4 dishes and if you have chosen to make idli or dosa, this also needs to be prepared a day in advance. On the following day you will again make 4 dishes of your choice and then enjoy tucking into your sumptuous meal.

If you are interested in discovering more about cooking, we have also arranged for a month of classes where you will attend one session each week for 4 weeks.

If food is one of life’s pleasures for you, then this opportunity is not to be missed!

List of ALL PROJECTS in India


List of ALL PROJECTS in India

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