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TV internship in Australia



Intern in television - television production, editing and/or scriptwriting. Television is an exciting medium to work in, whether you are going out on site with a film crew, playing a role in interviewing, helping to write and edit a story or even helping in administration

You'll work in areas such as camera and sound, script writing, research, presenting, business administration (doing administration work is a great way to get to know the organisation), and marketing.

Experience the best of Perth's community action whilst gaining vital work experience at a local TV station. This placement will be an excellent addition to your CV!

If you do any placement in Perth, an Indigenous (Aborigine) Heritage tour in Kings Park, Perth's No. 1 tourist attraction, is included in your itinerary, free of charge!

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Start Dates Programmes start every Thursday, all year round – you choose your start and finish dates.
Duration From 4 weeks to 12 weeks or longer, subject to visa requirements
Requirements You should have some media experience or a qualification in Media. You should be adaptable, enthusiastic and have lots of initiative. Minimum age 18.
Price Full Price List
What's included Arranging your program,
Full pre-departure support and assistance,
Payment Protection insurance

Meeting you at the nearest airport
Transfer to your accommodation
Local in-country team support and backup
24-hr emergency support.
Certificate of Completion
What's not included Flights, Insurance, Cost of Visas (if a visa is required), Food, Transport to and from your project, Return transfer to airport.
Who can do this Project? This project is open to all nationalities and all ages over 18.
Suitable for gap years or those taking a year out, grown-up gappers, career breakers, anyone interested in gaining overseas work experience or an internship for university credit or requirement.
Also suitable for anyone just wanting to study abroad and learn about Television and TV Production practice overseas.
Please see "Requirements" above.


  • An exciting, never-to-be-forgotten adventure into Australia and you'll learn about the Aborigine culture that makes this country so fascinating!

  • New skills, more confidence, a greater understanding of a different culture, invaluable personal and professional development.

  • An entry on your CV or résumé that will put you head and shoulders above most others in the job market.

  • And best of all ... an unforgettable experience!

Television Internship in Australia

Television Internship in Australia

Television is an exciting medium to work in, whether you are going out on site with a film crew, playing a role in interviewing, helping to write and edit a story or even helping in administration. This project offers you the chance to intern with a not-for-profit community television service which provides individuals and community, cultural or educational organisations access to airtime, training and equipment to produce programs for broadcast.

"To sum up the 4 weeks I have spent on my TV placement in Perth, I have thoroughly enjoyed receiving hands on experience. I feel that where in the UK you would not be used for anything more than making the tea, here you are granted the freedom to be creative; to think and research interesting briefs and then to be allowed to go and shoot them at various locations. The pace of life may not be as busy as UK media offices, but it is a perfect opportunity to ease yourself into the industry, without it being too daunting." Carmen Butcher

You'll work in areas such as camera and sound, script writing, research, presenting, business administration (doing administration work is a great way to get to know the organisation), and marketing.  If you have a specialised interest, for example, marketing or editing, we will do our best to allocate you more time in that area. Generally, though, you may be asked to help with in the areas of:

  • Administration

  • Production

  • Editing

  • Scriptwriting

  • Research

  • Public Relations

  • Fundraising;

  • and have the opportunity to be a member of a support crew on location.

The work that you'll be involved in will depend on what is required and available at the time of your placement.

"I came back to the UK from my travels in May and in September I was offered a 6 month contract with MTV as their creative intern, and upon nearing the end of my contract, have now been offered a year contract at the BBC as production co-ordinator. I just wanted to say a massive thank you for my experience, both work and culturally, in Australia. I would hugely recommend this to anyone, especially those who want to break into media via an alternative path. Even for those who do not want to obtain a career in the media, my employer said she was impressed with the month I did in Australia, because it showed I had the initiative to get out there and do something productive, and it was something that stood out amongst the hundreds of CVs she received!"  Carmen Butcher

Almost all of the people who work in community television - writers, presenters, producers, editors, and camera operators - are volunteers. They are people who volunteer because they want to develop the skills associated with television production and to gain important industry experience, or simply for the sheer enjoyment and thrill of working in television.

Community television produces and broadcasts locally-produced programs that are relevant to the community, including educational institutions, independent film makers, ethnic and specialist interest groups and local businesses. Local news, entertainment and information are presented as a way of addressing issues and presenting information that commercial or government-funded stations do not cover. Volunteers can learn about producing and presenting television programs and how to run a television station.

The service provided by community television reflects a diverse range of expressions and views; cultivates a sense of community; encourages participation, learning, innovation and promotes competence in audio-visual skills. As a result, community television produces programmes with the community and for the community which reflect Australia’s rich multicultural diversity and heritage. The principal aim is to encourage participation and provide access to the airwaves for all of the metropolitan community, as well as special interest, ethnic and minority groups. Community television stations are non-profit organisations. This means that they do not make money from the services they provide. Instead these stations use sponsorship arrangements to cover their day-to-day running costs.

Community television provides numerous opportunities for producers and community members to use the production equipment and facilities in order to present the many distinctive programmes offered. Community television in Western Australia has a unique eleven year track record of multi-award winning quality television productions which have been broadcast for community TV stations throughout Australia in both digital and analogue. Productions can now also be viewed by a wide audience of Community Television in the USA!

Television Internship in Australia

Television Internship in Australia

Television Internship in Australia


Your accommodation is located in the CBD (Central Business District) of Perth, Western Australia. Therefore you are very central, close to the main train station and shopping district.

You'll live in a centrally located lodge that is friendly and relaxing, making it ideal for long term stays. You'll most likely your own room, but will share a bathroom with others on your floor. There is an excellent kitchen and storage area for cooking meals and plenty of space to relax.

Click here to visit the Lodges' website for more information.

Entertainment at the Lodge currently includes a pool table, cheap internet access, arcade machines and cable TV (Foxtel), to name a few, but with all the sunshine Perth has, you’ll be out and about enjoying the many outdoor activities! You are literally a stroll from the Swan River and free CBD transport. Trains and buses are also only a few minutes away to take you to Fremantle, King’s Park or to the many other things to do in the region!

The city center boasts great shopping, restaurants and pubs or you can head over to Northbridge for more pubs, nightclubs and multicultural cuisine. You'll get to work via bus, which stops outside your accommodation.


Food is not included in this project so you should budget for meals. We feel that a good guide would be a weekly budget of around AUD$70


Got any questions? Please email us: info@travelersworldwide.org

'The Gallery Watch Experience - Through The Eyes of the Presenter'
by Travellers Intern Frankie Aldaiji.
An account of Frankie's first presenting role assigned to him via the TV work experience program.

Gallery East in North Fremantle, WA, was the venue for the most recent episode of Gallery Watch to be screened on Friday April 20th. For those not familiar with the contents of the program, it’s basically a weekly show focusing on visual artists displaying their works in and around Perth galleries, and in this case involved me, the presenter meeting up with and chatting to the painters as they talk us through the thinking behind their creations.

Established in 1991, the gallery is run by directors David Forrest and Jánis Nedéla. Director of Gallery East since 1992 and Chairman of The Association of Western Australian Art Galleries, David boasts a wealth of knowledge on the work of artists and craft practitioners presently working within Western Australia. Jánis himself is and an established Western Australian Artist himself contains impressive works within Galerie Dusseldorf, Perth's foremost contemporary art gallery, and with Uber Gallery, Melbourne.

Two of the nation’s finest painters were exhibiting on the night at Gallery East. With renaissance inspired artist Drusilla Williams showcasing her work under the theme 'Fishes and Loaves', focusing on still lifes, and cleverly combining the use of colour and light to good effect. Established artist Phillip Cook displayed his fine pieces under the banner of ‘Here and Elsewhere’ a reference to landscapes we see all around us in our daily lives.

Filming for the program was undertaken by acclaimed producer Tibor Meszaros who came up with the concept for the show itself more than six years ago, which has been hitting the screens of Access 31 Perth, Channel 31 Melbourne and currently in the past two years on Aurora channel 183 on the Foxtel Digital network. Indeed it was at Gallery East where the very first episode shooting of Gallery Watch was made.

Assigned with the unforgiving task of tracking my movements on camera, Tibor quite often reminded me that the mic was indeed not actually an ice cream cone, as I continuously held it all too close to my mouth, making for an extremely thankless task of picking up my voice!

Being my first time presenting a program of any kind on television, I couldn’t help but feel an attack of the butterflies occur more often than once. Indeed at times any preparation I had undertaken prior to being recorded seemingly, and regularly made an exit for the nearest open window.

Further excitement and intrigue was provided when director Jánis Nedéla took numerous still photos of myself interviewing the artists at the kind request of the Foxtel Digital Network, informing us that the pictures will appear in the June issue of their program Guide. Apologies for my alarming dress sense in advance, the striped shirt has now been retired you'll all be pleased to know!

Nevertheless, a good time was had by all, with complimentary glasses of wine flowing as freely as the conversation. The artists discussed at great length their work, and what and who inspired or influenced them to get to where they are today. Visitors to the gallery were also forthcoming and straight-talking in providing their interpretations and opinions on the pictures, making for an interesting and informative watch!

Once you have applied for a placement, we'll contact you and send you our Welcome Pack. You'll also receive Log-on details and password for our Volunteer Extranet where you'll have access to all the documentation and information which we've put together to facilitate preparations for your adventure! Your Project Co-ordinator for your country will liaise with you throughout the arrangements process, as well as while you're on your placement and on your return home.

The documents you'll have access to also include a Country Factfile, Safety Guide and any manuals that may assist you on your particular program (e.g. Teaching Guide, Sports Manuals, Enrichment Suggestions for Animal Care, etc.). We do all we can to make your stay one that you'll never forget. This is a truly awesome, elegant and beautiful country.

As with all our destinations, the culture and heritage is different to what you're used to ... which, although one of the most exciting aspects of travelling, should be borne in mind.    Self-reliance and independence are highly appreciated in all our destinations and will help you to make the most of this wonderful opportunity! 

On Arrival, your Introduction to the Country: When you arrive you will be welcomed by a member of our team who will take you to your accommodation and introduce you to everyone. During your first few days you'll be given an induction so that you can learn about the country and its culture, as well as other useful information, like how to use the transport system, banks, safety issues, tipping, and lots more.


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Frankie Aldaiji presenting 'Gallery Watch' which is being aired on Perth TV.

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While on your placements, you can also book some Optional Add-Ons to make the most of your Travel Experience.

Swim with Wild Dolphins!
Surfing Lessons

This project can also be combined with any of our other projects in Australia, or you could even do a second project in a different region of the country - or perhaps New Zealand - thus doubling your adventure and enjoyment!


If you're planning a gap year or career break and contemplating a career in TV, a work experience placement such as this could be just the thing you're looking for. This type of work experience is a great way of enhancing your CV or résumé and making you stand out from the crowd in this increasingly competitive world.

Swim with Wild Dolphins in Australia with Travelers Worldwide


The best advice you'll get from us is to try to see some of the country while you're there. It's big (huge!) and each different region is exciting and very, very beautiful.

A little about Perth: Perth was built on the banks of the magnificent Swan River over 150 years ago and is now a city rich in culture and filled with theatres, art galleries and museums. The city is modern and vibrant - a fun, friendly and 'laid back' place, with clear skies and a sunny climate. Western Australia is locally known as the 'state of excitement!'

Some of its more famous attractions include Kings Park, Scarborough Beach, Fremantle and the Swan River. Fremantle (or as the local’s call it, ‘Freo’) is the city’s port and is rich in history. At weekends you will find markets, entertainment and plenty of alfresco style cafes to laze in.

Perth has restaurants to suit all tastes - the most popular cuisine is of course the great Australian BBQ. Barbeque facilities are abundant in local parks - take your own food and cook up a feast, Australian style! For meals in local restaurants, a trip to Perth's inner city center is well worth the effort - it bustles with activity and offers a range of choices of restaurants.

Courtesy of Western Australia Tourism - www.westernaustralia.com

  • Fremantle - Spend a few days in Fremantle is an absolute must. Just a 30 minute drive from Perth's city center. Freo, as it's known by locals is a vibrant port city you can't miss.

  • Rottnest Island - Just offshore from Perth, Rottnest Island is where the locals go to swim at white-sand beaches, snorkel in turquoise water over shipwrecks, or kick back and go fishing. Rotto, as it's called locally, is a car-free zone, which adds to its relaxed feel.

  • Margaret River - No trip to Western Australia is complete without a pit stop at Margaret River. Originally a chilled out surfie town, Margaret River has evolved into the ultimate smorgasbord of good food, fine wine and spectacular scenery - just a three-and-a-half hour drive south of Perth.

  • Albany - Prepare to be blown away by Albany's dramatic convict history, set against a backdrop of rugged granite coastline, green seas and a wild beauty that tugs at the heartstrings. Step back in time and explore convict jails, old taverns, whaling ships and settlers' cottages and grand National Trust homes in beautifully landscaped grounds.

  • Denmark - You'll fall in love with Denmark - where towering tall trees meet the ocean. The town has a relaxed village atmosphere, romantic timber milling history and incredible coastal scenery.

  • Ningaloo Reef - Take a dive with hundreds of tropical fish, amazing coral formations and the world's biggest fish, the whale shark, at unspoilt Ningaloo Reef.

  • Monkey Mia - Monkey Mia is one of Western Australia's most famous dolphin watching destinations.

  • Shark Bay - The Shark Bay World Heritage Area was Western Australia's first World Heritage Listed site and one of only 16 Australia wide that fit all four selection criteria. Shark Bay's wilderness and natural wonders make for a unique vacation.

  • The Pinnacles - The extraordinary ancient rock formations that make up the Pinnacles are located about a three-hour drive north of Perth near the coastal town of Cervantes.

  • Kalgoorlie - Get ready for a heady trip to Kalgoorlie, Western Australia's largest goldfields town famed for its fascinating gold rush history, fabulous old buildings and old gold miners' ghost towns.

  • Esperance - For squeaky-white beaches, getting off the beaten track and bunking down under the stars, head south to Esperance. This place is so relaxed even the kangaroos sun bake on the beach.

  • Bunbury - The cosmopolitan city of Bunbury, just two hours drive south of Perth, is located on a spectacular peninsular surrounded by blue waters of the Indian Ocean, Koombana Bay and the Leschenault Inlet.

To read about Travel arrangements and what happens when you arrive in your new country, please click here.

Support & Backup: To read about the excellent Support & Backup we provide before you leave and during your program, please click here.

The famous Pinnacles - visit it while on your gap year volunteer placement with Travelers Worldwide


Work alongside a TV production team, from the concept idea for a piece, to the production of the model. The TV Production Studio where you'll work is located in Accra and is the first Media Prima's broadcasting station outside Malaysia. You are likely to work alongside the production team - from the concept idea for a piece, to the production of the model. Depending on your skills, you'll be given a project to work on.

If you find that you are using unfamiliar packages, you'll be give the opportunity to learn the software before commencing work on the project.