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“Sa-wat-dee” Hello and Welcome to Thailand!

Turquoise seas and palm-fringed island beaches in the South, jungle-cloaked mountains and tranquil river villages in the north and everything from golden Buddhist temples to booming Bangkok nightclubs in between!

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Hands-On Care for Elephants in North-East Thailand
Work hands-on with elephants, giving them lots of care, and also be helping to improve the living conditions of captive elephants in Thailand. You'll work very hands-on with 8 elephants, but you'll be surrounded by up to 200 elephants. The experience of being in the middle of such a huge number of these majestic creatures is awesome!

The project is based approximately 7 hours drive North-East of Bangkok. This project includes a one night stay in a hotel in Bangkok on arrival, plus transfers to and from the project.

Care for Elephants in Thailand 

Teach English and Other Subjects in Singburi in Thailand
Located on the riverside of River Noi – Little River in the village of Tha Kham is where your home will be. You'll teach in either Primary or Secondary schools, or both. Students range between 4 and 18 years old. Subjects can include English, Physical Education, Environmental Issues, and more. This is a delightful and very sociable project.

Thailand is a wonderful country - Overwhelming hospitality, friendliness, and a beautiful culture of festivals filled with dancing and music. Charlotte Phillips.


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Volunteering and Cultural Work Experience in Thailand

Volunteering and Cultural Work Experience in Thailand

More about Thailand...



Thailand is famous for it’s many handicrafts and there are markets dotted all over Bangkok for their sale and purchase. You’ll find authentic oriental silk cushions, hanging paper lanterns and perfectly carved wooden bowls, amongst many less traditional (usually faux designer!) souvenirs.

Whether you’re searching for spiritual enlightenment and a heady cultural experience or are simply looking for a sun tan, delicious food and a great time – this land of sunshine and the ‘Kingdom of Smiles’ is sure to capture your heart with its famously warm welcome: “Sawatdee!”

Become immersed in local culture by taking part in one of our projects in Thailand. You don't need any qualifications to take part in a project in Thailand.

For many years Thailand has been a mecca for Travellers, with an estimated 10 million tourists now arriving each year. It’s central position in South East Asia affords easy access to neighbouring Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia, making Thailand the ideal gateway for exploration of all things Eastern.

Thailand has remained a strong favourite amongst travellers, not least because of the ease of travel (buses and trains are affordable and comfortable), delicious cuisine and changing landscape. The trekking, rafting and scenery of the northern and central regions will suit adventure lovers, where as the islands and beaches of the southern peninsular are perfect for the more laid back vacation. Whatever experience you are looking for, you’ll find it here.

Around 95% of Thai’s are Buddhists and signs of this are distinguishable everywhere, especially at the intricately adorned temples and palaces where saffron robed monks gather to collect alms and food. Meditation schools and retreats are also commonplace, affording you the opportunity to develop a true appreciation of Thai culture, should you wish.

Throughout Thailand you’ll also find cooking schools for you to learn how to prepare authentic Thai dishes and courses to teach you the traditional techniques of Thai massage, a pummeling work out to rejuvenate your mind and body.

Bangkok is not for the faint hearted! This is South East Asia’s largest, most frenetic, over polluted, traffic congested capital city. But don’t let that put you off! If you have enough time to visit Bangkok leisurely this will all become part of the charm, not to mention the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a traditional Thai massage to ease the stresses of the city.

By day and night, Bangkok is fast paced - this is a city for indulgence and fun, with action at all hours. Rise early to get a rare glimpse of Bangkok during it’s quietest hours. Even at this time of day you’ll see street cleaners hard at work clearing up the nights’ excesses, revelers flocking home to their guesthouses and smartly dressed commuters already starting to descend on the city for the beginning of another day.

One of the best ways to appreciate the beauty of this country is to live and breathe it;
  • Visit the traditional floating markets on the outskirts of Bangkok, where you’ll see traders selling their wares from wooden boats, weighed down by kilos of bananas and other exotic fruits as garlands of jasmine hang off the boats stern.
  • Walk through China Town early in the morning and be fascinated as you watch stall owners carry boxes of merchandise that tower over them, weighing two or three times their body weight.
  • Snack on some fresh pineapple or watermelon carefully sliced by a roadside vendor as you soak in the sights and smells of the city before the midday heat encourages you inside to air conditioned safety.
  • Watch tuk tuk’s laden with people screech past, weaving in and out of traffic to deliver their passengers through the bustling streets.
  • Enjoy some freshly cooked Pad Thai from a street vendor. This is a mixture of noodles and bean sprouts stir fried with an egg and served with a generous portion of chilli sauce, or for the brave, a heaping of additional dried chilli.
  • Observe tourists gather around a fried insect seller, each daring the other to try one of the assortment of bugs on display. Real Thai’s would never eat such a thing - instead they watch on, amused by the tourist trap.
  • Take in sunset from a river cruise and marvel at Bangkok’s diverse skyline, from modern gleaming skyscrapers to the pointed gold roof’s of glittering temples, each with their own place in Bangkok’s history and future.
Bangkok is a fascinating city, both historically and culturally and no visit would be complete without a visit to the Grand Palace, a decadent spectacle which used to be residence to the King of Thailand and now has a temple for the Emerald Buddha. 

The grand palace is one of the most striking pieces of art in Thailand, with gargoyles, dragons and warriors incredibly re-constructed in glittering mosaics. The esteemed King and Queen are held in reverence by the people of Thailand, their images grace intricate gold statues created to adorn the roadside of Bangkok’s main thoroughfares.

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The Islands and Beaches of the southern peninsular are a must see for a relaxing start or end to your travels. On the eastern coast the island of Ko Tao is one of the most popular spots for Scuba Diving, where accommodation is usually offered for free in return for taking a dive package.

Nearby Koh Pha-ngan hosts the infamous full moon and half moon parties, where as beaches on the western islands have a more laid back feel and are more picturesque, backed by huge protruding cliffs. This part of Thailand is where the Phi Phi islands are located, once made famous as the location of filming for the cult movie ‘The Beach’. 

Chang Mai is also firmly rooted on the travellers' map. In this part of Northern Thailand you’ll have all the convenience of the city but with excellent access to lush jungle filled hills. To reach Chang Mai you can take an hours flight from Bangkok or travel on an overnight sleeper for 12 hours, awaking just before sunrise as the train click-clacks into the city. From Chang Mai, you can organise treks and overnight camping amongst tribal communities to truly get a flavour of rural Thai living.

Back in Chang Mai itself make sure you visit the incredible night markets, bursting with activity and the aromas of chilli, garlic and ginger as food is expertly steamed or fried at your convenience. The local river is the source of much of the excellent freshly caught fish and also provides a picturesque location for dining in any one of the beautifully lit riverside restaurants.

The infamous Khoasan Road is for many the life and soul of Bangkok, throbbing with activity at all times of the day and night. Lined with guest houses, market stalls, cafés and restaurants, this backpackers mecca attracts travellers from all corners of the globe, including a fair share of local Thai’s keen to join in the action. Along the Khoasan road you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll find a place to stay at any time of the day or night, and will almost certainly bump into someone you know from previous travels or even back home.

You can also book tours, make travel arrangements, extend visa’s & contact home easily – so it’s no wonder it’s become such a popular haunt for travellers.

Thailand is famous for it’s many handicrafts and there are markets dotted all over Bangkok for their sale and purchase. You’ll find authentic oriental silk cushions, hanging paper lanterns and perfectly carved wooden bowls, amongst many less traditional (usually faux designer!) souvenirs.

Prices are most definitely negotiable at such markets – this is all part of the purchasing experience and regarded as a fun part of social discourse as both parties haggle to get the best price. At some of the larger markets you can find many original pieces for a great price in this way (remember to think how you’ll carry it around or take it home as traveling through customs with a 4 foot wooden elephant may not be such a fun experience!).

There are also many skilled tailor’s in Bangkok, eager to let you create your own pieces or choose from their catalogues of designer dresses and suits. Leave them a deposit and they’ll tailor make your garment as a perfect replica and fit for your size in just one or two days.

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