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Travellers Worldwide was established in 1994 by Phil and Jennifer Perkes to enable people from all over the world to be able to experience the joys of living and working in foreign countries.

Having travelled extensively and been lucky enough to work in various countries, they believed that everyone should have the opportunity to meet and live with different races and ethnic groups, and to gain experiences and memories which, like their own, would stay with them for the rest of their lives. By setting up Travellers, they have done that.

Travellers is a founder member of the Year Out Group, and is widely recognized as a leader in providing worthwhile voluntary placements overseas. We send volunteers FROM all over the world, TO all over the world! We work with over 300 projects around the world, working in predominantly developing countries. We provide projects with volunteers, funding and assistance, supporting the project in fulfilling both its short-term needs (such as the day-to-day running), right through to helping the project to achieve its wider goals over the long-term.

Travellers volunteers fulfil a wide variety of roles, including that of teacher, coach, carer, nurse, researcher, builder and conservationist, and so on. Volunteers are given round the clock support, guidance, and instruction, enabling them to achieve their goals and experience, with confidence, what it means to make a valued and lasting contribution to the projects and communities in which they work.

TRAVELLERS WORLDWIDE ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had and amazing experience with Travellers, 10/10 101% For all of their efforts.

I have only been abroad once before so I was very nervous. Everything was so simple, they found flights for me at a good price and they made sure I was there with other people, as I had asked for this; they picked me up and dropped me off on time. Any questions I had they were very helpful in every way they could be!

I would so recommend this company, it's very safe as safety always comes first with Travellers. pick them if you want to get the best out of your money for a life-changing experience. Alice xx. (Alice Nimmo)

Travellers Worldwide adheres to an ethical code of practice which incorporates and recognizes the role and importance of its corporate & social responsibilities, and of the need to travel responsibly. We are committed to upholding strict ethical standards that ensure a positive and lasting impact upon the environments, communities, institutions, volunteers, animals, children and people that we work with. Our projects enable vital conservation, research, care and education work to take place directly where it is most needed. The local economy benefits in many ways, from the local staff employed by the projects, to volunteer spending in the community, to the increased tourism resulting from word of mouth from our volunteers.

As a volunteer, you make a difference on many levels. Your first-hand experience of key global or cultural issues offers an invaluable education, which will spread through you and back to Western society. Your hands-on help on the project can change lives (yours included), as does the financial support you enable Travellers to continue providing across the world through extensive donations and funding of vital projects through Travellers’ Bridge the Gap Foundation.

Travellers has 14 staff in the UK, most of whom are ex Travellers volunteers. They each look after specific destinations and regularly travel to their destinations to ensure that the projects are running smoothly and the volunteers are happy. With their own volunteering experience and the expertise they've gained through working in the UK office, they know exactly what volunteers' requirements are and are sympathetic to things like last minute nerves or homesickness!

We also have nearly 100 staff overseas to look after you. So, between our Home Team and our Overseas Teams, you will get excellent support and backup while on your project. To read about the extensive Support & Backup we provide in our destination countries, please click here.

Most of all, though, your participation on a project means that the children you work with, the animals you help to save, and the local communities all benefit because of your work with Travellers!

Phil Perkes on a site inspection visit for Travellers in Zimbabwe

... I had an amazing time and it is truly a wonderful experience! I would recommend it to everyone, and everyone at home is very jealous! The whole time I was there it was well organised and all the staff were so friendly and brilliant ...

From beginning to end, it has been a worthwhile and fulfilling adventure that I will never forget, so thank you to Travellers and to the guys in Victoria Falls!
Lisa Deathe, Lion Breeding, Zimbabwe

Phil Perkes up close with the lions in Zimbabwe during a Travellers inspection visit


  • Our placements are open to everybody, from 17 and up. All nationalities & ages are welcome.
  • They are available throughout the year and are incredibly flexible - you can choose your start and finish dates and include time for independent travel.
  • Placements last from 2 weeks to 1 year - you can go for as long as you want to go for!
  • You don't need any qualifications or experience to take part in a project (with 1 or 2 exceptions)
  • We are a conscientious, friendly staff team of ex-volunteers, we know exactly how it feels!
  • We have excellent support and backup from booking your arrangements, throughout your placement to your return home (incl. a 24 hour UK Emergency phone line). Our local staff can also help you with sightseeing arrangements and will be happy to suggest exciting places to visit.
  • We can give you expert advice on flights, visas, travel insurance etc... or we can arrange these for you. We can also help you plan any independent travel.
  • The cost of your placement covers all food, accommodation, being met at the airport, full support & in-country care. All you need is spending money!
  • Wherever possible we can tailor make a project to suit your requirements.
  • We provide comprehensive current information packs covering everything you need to know, from safety to what to pack.
  • We have a huge variety of many worthwhile placements where you can MAKE A DIFFERENCE
  • We have over 14 years of experience with solid, well run programs. Ask us for contact details of past volunteers and speak to them for yourself.
  • We try to be as accurate and transparent as possible ... "I have read your brochure and I was drawn to your company because of your honesty about the projects being hard work and needing a sense of humour. Other companies seem to sugar coat these projects and make them seem perfect which is not realistic."
  • Travellers is a Founder Member of the Year Out Group, whose aims are dedicated to setting rigorous standards for structured gap year opportunities.

Address: Suite 2A, Caravelle House, 17/19 Goring Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN12 4AP, England
Telephone:  1-603-574-4935

Travellers is a founder member of the YEAR OUT GROUP, formed to promote the concept and benefits of well-structured year out programmes.

Travellers Worldwide is the trading name of TravelQuest Limited, a company registered in England and Wales,
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