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Families love India because it's such a wonderful place to visit and, more importantly, to take your children. You get enormous satisfaction from your placement and the children (yours and local Indian children) get a huge buzz out of interacting with each other!

The Indian way of life is very family orientated and the local children love to play and chat with foreign children.These projects have been specially selected as being ideal for families.

Our projects are based in the bustling city of Madurai in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. Madurai is known by many names; ‘Jasmine city’ for the famous jasmine flowers that are cultivated here, ‘the city of Nectar’ (legend tells of a river of nectar that flowed after blessing from Lord Shiva), and the ‘Temple City’. Madurai really does have a temple or shrine on practically every street!

Madurai is located on Vaigai River and is full of cultural diversity, market stalls and tourist shops. Children will stop you on the streets to chat to you and even ask for your autograph! You'll be in demand everywhere you go and you’ll feel like a celebrity, such is the warmth of the Indian people. If you’re after an overwhelming experience for you and your children, then Madurai is a must!

Please click on the Projects recommended below to read their full descriptions.

TEACH CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH (AND OTHER SUBJECTS) TO CHILDREN on this extremely rewarding project based in the fascinating town of Madurai in the South of India. Teaching in India is a sheer joy! The students of enthusiastic and polite and they are all eager to learn. This is a flexible project where we place you in the most suitable school depending on your specifications and interests.

In addition to helping students with their English, you can also teach IT, Music, French or Arts & Crafts. Younger children will be in the class that you're teaching, while older children (10 to 15) can assist you in role-plays and other aspects of the classes.

TEACH DRAMA TO CHILDREN and enjoy watching their confidence grow as they learn and develop new skills. Dance, Drama and Music can help teach children life skills and help with their communication and socialisation. Children in India love to perform, whether it's singing or acting on stage, so they eagerly await every lesson with you! The children's ages range from 5 to 12.

SUMMER CAMPS! This is a special summer project arranged during the school vacations in April and May to keep them entertained, have fun and teach them some skills at the same time. The main appeal of the summer camps is that you can give hands-on attention to all the children in an informal setting; it’s an exciting opportunity for us, the children and you!

The activities on offer are so wide-ranging that there is something for everyone, and this Project is ideally suited to family volunteering with children of all ages: 

  • Many sports, including football, badminton, cricket, karate, yoga, chess, gymnastics
  • A great range of creative activities including dance, art, design, drawing, puzzles, Indian folk music, drums, Western dance, even skating!
  • More academic activities are also available mental maths, handwriting, spoken English, English grammar, computers, current affairs and amazing facts.

COACH SPORTS TO CHILDREN IN SCHOOLS: These lessons take place in secondary schools. The sports include cricket, football, tennis, volleyball, badminton, basketball and table tennis. Parents will be able to coach and your children will be able to participate in the sports sessions, playing and mixing with the local children.

ACCOMMODATION: You'll have a choice of accommodation, either in our own flat (suitable for one parent and one child, or one parent and two small children) or with a host family. Our host families are delightful and they make every effort to integrate our volunteers into their lifestyle and culture. The Indian way of life is very family orientated and the local children love to play and chat with foreign children.

There is a large children's play park with swings, slides, Ferris wheel and toy train in the area, plus a couple of hotels that have swimming pools. There are also lots of ice cream shops that open late and even a Dominoes, if you fancy a pizza.  It gets dark around 7.00 pm ... and Indian families watch a lot of TV!

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