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BIENVENIDO! - and Welcome to Peru! Volunteering here is exciting and rewarding ... for adults and children alike! They gain even more than you do from the cultural experience.

This project has been specially selected as being ideal for families.


  • Minimum age requirement for children is 6 years old.

  • There should be a ratio of 1 parent/guardian for every 2 children between the age of 6-12 years.

  • PRICE: There is a discount of 15% for children between the ages of 6 and 12 years old.

Peru is the land of the Amazon, the Incas, the Andes and Lake Titicaca. A trip to Peru is a journey into a magical dimension! See the lost Inca city of Machu Picchu. With its air of mystery and awesome grandeur, It's the best known and most spectacular archaeological site in South America. And, of course, the amazing Amazon Rainforest is definitely one of the Top 10 things to do in your lifetime.


Brief Overview:
You'll begin your project in the ancient Inca capital city of Cusco where you'll receive an induction and orientation before starting on the fascinating journey through the High Andes to the Acjance Park Guard Station where youíll learn about the Cloud Forest. Then you descend into the Amazon via motorised canoe down the Madre de Dios River. The journey is spectacular, an exciting adventure in itself!

This is a multi-activity project. There are many different projects and types of projects on the go at the same time, but you will also be guided and encouraged to work on your own projects as well. The degree to which you'll run or assist on such projects will depend upon your abilities.

These projects run in 2-week segments, so your minimum stay will be 2 weeks. There are set start dates, so please see the project page for more details


This project is idyllically placed on the edge of the Amazon Rainforest, on a hill next to a river. It has a íniceí feel to it. It is relaxed and peaceful, and has been tastefully constructed in keeping with its surroundings. At present the area has six thatched buildings. Three are accommodation houses with a classroom/workroom on the ground floor and a bedroom area above and you'll be sharing a room with other volunteers. All buildings have open walls and are fresh and airy.

The bathroom is a separate block consisting of six cubicles, each containing a (Western) flush toilet, handbasin and cold shower. There are also extra washbasins, and a large sink in which to do your laundry.

There is a dining and relaxation area, with tables and a few armchairs, as well as a library and covered hammock area.

Lighting is by candle (not allowed in bedroom areas) and there is generally no electricity on the site. There is, however, a generator which is run for a few hours every night in order to charge camera batteries etc. We recommended that you take out a portable headlight torch and a few other items, but we'll provide you with a list of recommended items to take with you before you leave.

Food: Food is provided and you'll have three meals per day - breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food is wholesome and mainly vegetarian. Often pasta or rice, soup, fruit juice. Not 5 star (itís the jungle after all) but very acceptable. There is always a flask of hot water, tea, coffee and filtered (safe) drinking water available in the dining room. The cook is able to cater for a number of specialised diets, although choices may be limited.

Make a difference ... get the family involved!

Mother and child in Peru

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Journey to your conservation project in Peru with Travellers Worldwide
Journey to your conservation project in Peru

Volunteers eating from Leaves - Volunteering in Peru!
Volunteers eating from Leaves - That's volunteering in Peru!

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