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South Africa is unbelievably hospitable, so families are particularly warmly welcomed. You make a difference with your help and your children make a difference through their interaction with the local kids. Everyone comes away feeling they've contributed something ... and learned a lot themselves!

These are great projects in a gorgeous location, in a very friendly country. It doesn't get much better! The projects have been specially selected as being ideal for families.

Please click on the Projects recommended below to read their full descriptions.

STREET KIDS PROJECT: SOCIAL WORK / CARE WITH CHILDREN providing hope and help in a Youth Development Center to children living on the streets and children at risk. Here you can help out with anything from basic schooling, such as reading or writing, to community projects and life skills lessons.

At the Center, the basic needs of the children are met. They are washed, fed and clothed daily and the children participate in a variety of activities to give each child the opportunity to develop his/her own individual talents. These activities motivate the children to feel more positive about themselves and to be a constructive part of their community.

This project is also located in the resort town of Knysna, an excellent location from which to explore a multitude of activities, from whale and dolphin watching (an amazing experience!) to visiting the local elephant park where you can walk with the elephants through the Knysna Forest, lazing on the beautiful white-sand beaches, laughing at the antics of the seals, driving through the mountains, visiting the ostrich farms and the Cango Caves, Monkeyland, Tenikwa Wildcat and Wildlife Park ... the list is endless.

ACCOMMODATION: The accommodation is in our Travellers house, which is huge (with lots of bathrooms!!) and is close to the center of town. It has two big verandahs and a few small ones and it's not unusual for monkeys to come and sit on the verandahs.

CARE FOR ANIMALS IN A WILDLIFE SANCTUARY IN PORT ELIZABETH: This project is a very caring sanctuary set in a small private game reserve in the Eastern Cape. Here parents will be able to assist in hand-rearing, feeding and generally looking after many different animal species, while children will find this a fascinating experience but may be restricted on which animals they can interact with - it will very much depend on the age of the children.

We can only accept children aged 9 and upwards on this placement, due to the nature of it being an animal sanctuary. The park itself is a lovely and a very safe place to go walking after work - it has beautiful indigenous forests of Yellowwoods and Milkwoods, and small savannah grassland.

The sanctuary receives many abandoned, abused, injured or orphaned animals that all need love and attention to help prepare them for life back in the wild if possible, or at least a worthwhile and safe life in the Sanctuary. Many animals breed there, so there are often young animals to care for that need regular feeding and attention. It is a very hands-on experience and one that leaves you with an unbelievable feeling of satisfaction. If this type of placement appeals to you, it really will be a life changing experience.

ACCOMMODATION: Accommodation is on site and the project is located about 20 minutes outside Port Elizabeth (or PE in the vernacular). PE is a lovely coastal city nicknamed both the "Friendly City" and the "Windy City".

Port Elizabeth has a reputation as Africa's Watersports Capital (with surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, scuba diving, game fishing ...). It's also very well placed for exploring the surrounding regions and game reserves.

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