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Sports FAQs about volunteering


We've tried to answer as many questions on Sports as possible below - hopefully we've succeeded to answering all yours, but if not, please do contact us either by email or telephone: 1-603-574-4935. We're happy to help!

And Parents, we have a special section for your questions as well, but please don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like more information or reassurance that your child is in good hands.

  1. Why should I volunteer on a Sports Project?

  2. I'm keen on playing a sport as well as coaching it - what's available for me?

  3. What support do I get?

  1. Which country/countries would be best for me to coach in?

  2. Can I mix and match Sports?

  3. How will I make a difference through coaching on a Travellers Sports Project?

  4. How long do placements last?

  5. What do I do now?



1. Why should I volunteer on a sport project?
If you are keen sportsman or sportswoman who enjoys coaching, playing and working within sports then our sports projects are for you. Our sports projects provide people from underprivileged communities with the opportunity to learn a new and exciting sport or to improve on their existing skills from our voluntary coaches.

The sports programs will benefit you as well giving you great exposure to a foreign environment. It will also improve your coaching abilities and experience and stand you in great stead in the future.

2. I am keen on playing a sport as well as coaching my sport what is available for me?
In a number of countries we have links with various sports teams and clubs. These links will enable you to train with them and if you are good enough you will get the opportunity to play for them as well. Playing sports abroad will give you great insight into the local culture, keep you fit, improve your skills and share your sporting abilities with others.

In all our programmes you do need to have patience and understanding, and a good sense of humour! You will be living and working in a different culture, with different ways of doing things to what you're used to - their standards may not be as high as yours - that's part of the fun, learning about their culture and teaching them about yours! 
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3. What support do I get?
As a volunteer you get 24/7 support both before your departure and when on your project. We also provide you with a coaching manual for your sport as well as other manuals, such as a stretching manuals and fun games for children, which will assist you on your placement.

We have paid staff in all our destination countries to look after you. They set up your placement, meet you at the airport and generally look after you the whole time you are on your placement. They won't baby you but they're always available should you need any assistance or any problems occur.
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4. Which country or countries would be best for me to coach in?
We have a wide variety of countries and sports available for you to coach in. We have sports projects in very westernised countries, such as South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, and we also have sports projects in developing countries, such as Ghana.

The country you choose to coach in will also depend on your sport of choice as well, for example in South Africa we have around 15 different sports for you to choose from and in some of our other countries there might only be one or two.

If you mostly want very good facilities then you should choose some of the projects in South Africa, Australia or New Zealand. On the other hand, if you fancy the challenge of trying to teach poor children who have virtually no facilities, you should look at countries like Ghana or Sri Lanka. If you want to make a huge difference in a very ethnic environment, take a look at our Sports project in eMakhosini in Zululand in South Africa.
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5. Can I mix and match sports?
Yes, in many of our destinations and sports projects you will have the opportunity to coach more than one sport. In some countries, like South Africa, Australia or New Zealand, you have the choice to coach around 11 different sports!

The sport you choose to coach will depend on your preference, but if you're already on your sports project and you think you'd like to coach another sport or change sport altogether, we may be able to arrange it for you, depending, of course, on whether that particular sport is available in that country.
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6. How do I make a difference through coaching on a Travellers Sports Project?
In so many ways it's difficult to know where to start!

Many of the sports projects we work in are based in  developing countries where the children and communities are very underprivileged. As a volunteer with Travellers you are providing the children and communities with an opportunity to learn a new and exciting sport, or you can improve their skills in sports in general. This is an opportunity they would not get without our volunteers.

As well as the benefit the children get from your coaching, part of the money you pay for your project goes on donations of sports equipment to the various sports projects. If the school has good sports equipment, we give donations to other institutions, like orphanages or the poorer schools.

Another plus is that while the children are learning sports from you, they are also learning to improve their English because they have the opportunity to use English in an informal setting where they don't feel that their English is being "judged". This gives them tremendous confidence which they in turn transfer to the classroom.
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7. How long do placements last?
Travellers is first and foremost flexible. You choose how long your placement lasts and you also choose your own starting date. Placements can last from two weeks upwards, with a maximum of one year. We have found the most popular length to be between 3 and 6 months. The length of some placements in some countries is limited by visa restrictions.

8. What do I do now?
Apply now and once we receive your application, we'll telephone you to discuss your placement with you so that we can tailor it to your requirements. 

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