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Volunteers' Stories




(1) Care for Orphanage Children Volunteering Project in Mombasa, Kenya, plus
(2) Swahili Course Optional Add-On


Travelling through Mombasa for the first time was an enlightening and amazing experience. The laid-back feel to the city made it very easy to settle in, and adapt to the way of life. It was the perfect location, which included everything from white sandy beaches, to wildlife and nature parks, to the poverty struck slums, to the traditional Kenyan culture and way of life.

The people were incredibly friendly and welcoming, with everyone saying hello and wanting to shake your hand. I've never met a society who make you feel at home quite like the Kenyan's did. It was hard coming back to England, I just miss the people.

The Swahili course was very, very useful, living in the country when you speak their language makes the experience even better, and you get treated as if you are a Kenyan. Also, my teacher was possibly the best tutor I have ever had, I even met up with him and his family after the lessons.

At the orphanage, I really had the best time of my life. It made you feel so good, just seeing how happy you were making the children. You could play with the kids all day long and you would never get bored.

The last day before I went home, was one of the best days of my life. We were having a party, with games, sweats and just having the times of our lives. However, the end was so sad, you had to cry. Some of the children wrote some of the sweetest letters to us, and you don't realise how attached you become to everyone, until it was time to say goodbye. I will hold that day with me forever; the project could never be forgotten and the experience it gave me was immeasurable.

The way the project was organised was brilliant because it gave you time and opportunity to travel and see the country you were living in. The representatives were also so helpful, and would organise any trips you wanted to go on for you with no extra cost. While I was out there I went to the Massai Mara safari park, and extended my trip (very easily) to climb mount Kenya. These were both incredible and 'must do's' in Kenya. Even after the cost, there is definitely no regrets, and would definitely recommend anyone setting out to Kenya to take part in these amazing trips.

Overall, my trip to Kenya was an unbelievable experience and definitely does not compare to anything else I have ever done. Easily the best 6 weeks of my life, without a doubt. Thank you, Travellers, for giving me that opportunity.

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