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Volunteers' Stories




Orang-Utan & Sun Bear Conservation at Sepilok Rehabilitation Center in Borneo, Malaysia


My placement in Malaysia was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I was extremely nervous in the run up to my departure, but from the moment I stepped off the plane, to the day I left the place I now called home, everyone was nothing but friendly and welcoming. You arrive in a place where everything and everyone is alien, but within a couple of weeks you feel like you belong there.

We were all so excited about meeting the Orang-Utans and starting work, but the actual experience was far greater than anything any of us could have imagined. We got to know the Orang-Utans by name and understand all the little characteristics which made them so individual. Their gentleness and intelligence astounded me every day. It is the sort of work you never grow tired of, I think I could quite happily have stayed forever.

We also got to know the local people who work at the Center and at the jungle resort where we stayed. I made many friends who will always have a special place in my heart. Being invited to local parties and going to the numerous karaoke bars with these friends added to my experience even more, making it the happiest two months of my life.

I would advise everyone to do a placement. There are times when it’s difficult and you have to be prepared to work hard. But if you go there with a willingness to learn and a want to help, you will find it the most enjoyable experience of your life (you will also return never wanting to look at another pack of cards again!).

I learnt to rely on myself and came back a more confident and mature person. It helped me gain focus and I am ready to carry on in my life with more enthusiasm and purpose.

I could talk for pages about my experiences, but I’ll stop here and end by saying a huge thank you to everyone who made this once in a lifetime chance possible and who made me feel so welcome while I was there. Hopefully this wont be the last I see of you all.

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