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Volunteers' Stories




Volunteering at the Orang-Utan & Sun Bear Conservation at Sepilok in Borneo, Malaysia


A typical day in the Indoor Nursery or Clinic is starting at 8am we would first make up the milk for the babies and toddlers - they have different types depending on the age and there are two orang-utans, Ampal and Osama, who have special milk to build them up. Ampal quickly turned into my favourite as he is so gorgeous!

We would then feed them some fruit, usually bananas in the morning and bread for those with stomach problems! After they are all fed an watered we start the cleaning, this involves sweeping up all of the poo and fruit peel etc and then hose it all down with Ajax - we do the same in the Quarantine area also. After that it is bath time for some of the babies, we do different ones every day and this is great fun as they love it, especially when they can play with their green rubber turtle and splash us as much as possible!

We then take out an orang-utan each to the play areas, either the Jungle Gym or the big area in the trees, depending on the age of the orang-utans that are due to go out on the Rota. They play for about half an hour and then we have to coax them back in - this is easy with the babies but some of the older ones refuse to come down from the trees and we have to bribe them with some fruit or bread, which usually works but not always!!

Once we have them back in we feed them a snack of Papaya or apple or some other fruit and we head off to lunch, leaving them to eat it.

In the afternoon it starts all over again with feeding, cleaning and playing before they are put to bed around 4:30pm and we go back to the Rest House and collapse. It is a very tiring day as you never stop but it is fantastic to see the orang-utans as happy as they are.

They all have their own personalities, some have tantrums often and others are laid back, but they are all gorgeous in their own way, even smelly Poogal who likes to wear his food rather than eat it! I love it!!! 

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