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Volunteers' Stories




Conservation in the Amazon Rainforest, Peru


I have gained a great understanding of the real life of the Amazon rainforest, ranging from the chaotic sounds of the Peccaries during the day to the peaceful sounds of the night time insects and frogs.

I have learnt a huge amount of about all kinds of animals. Ranging from insects, reptiles, amphibians, mammals and exotic birds like the Macaws, parrots and parakeets. I have gained enough understanding of all these animals that I can now identify them instantly. In my free time I have had enjoyment of fishing with the clean air and the overwhelming view of the river and the forest around me. I have also had the chance to go swimming in the river after a long trek through the jungle observing all kinds of animals, as well as swimming in the small pools of the streams within the forest.

The whole experience of helping out in this project has given me a great satisfaction, knowing that my work here is helping towards a great and important course within conservation.

My favourite experience at my placement was the sightings of the Wholly and the Squirrel Monkey. Although they are very different in many ways, they were equally exciting. On my second day in the forest I saw 20-30 small Squirrel Monkeys that ended up to be all around me jumping from one tree to another. Some of which were very curious and were trying to get a better view of me. A couple of weeks later I saw the Wholly monkey, one of the largest monkeys here. Which were huge, almost like gorillas. They were the most impressive things I’ve ever seen.

I would definitely recommend this placement to anyone interested in nature. The forest itself is the most beautiful place you possibly could go. Filled with all kinds of plants, flowers, insects and a huge variety of different animals, some of which are harder to see than others.

Can you describe a typical day?

A typical day for me is to get up for 5am to go observe the Macaws, parrots, parakeets. Then I have breakfast at 7:30. After this I then go into the jungle to do mammal observations and return by 12pm to have lunch at 1pm. Then I may go back into the jungle to go to the mammal clay lick to see what kind of activity as occured, but sometimes I will have an afternoon off to relax. Then dinner is served at 7pm. Afterwards I will go to bed or sometimes go for a night walk.

What type of person do you think this placement would suit?

Anyone who is interested and has a great respect for nature that is willing to work hard, work well within a team and enjoys socializing with people from different cultures.

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