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Volunteers' Stories




Voluntary Conservation Project at Thanda Private Game Reserve in Kwa-Zulu-Natal, South Africa

Hi there Andy,
[Andy Kemp-Travellers' Project Co-ordinator]

I am emailing you from Thanda. What can I say other than I am having the best time ever. I have done so much already and have only been here two weeks!!! I have helped to catch and collar Lion, catch Nyala buck, Rhino and also release more Rhino onto the farm.

All the people here are brill, and I can only say how nice they are. Kirsten, the lady taking care of me, is great and we have a laugh all the time. Tim, the other chap from Travellers, is also a nice lad. The project is also very interesting and great fun. I will be in touch again in the near future.

Best wishes, Chris.

Mid way through his placement:

 Hey there Andy,

sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you, to be honest I don't have an excuse other than thinking I will do it tomorrow and as I am sure you know tomorrow never comes!!! I had quite good internet access most of the time (probably once  every two or three days) so email is a good way to contact everyone back home. 

My normal day is never normal and can change at any time to be honest. We mainly get up at 5am and are out by 5:30 tracking the elephants and doing the road census. We will normally finish around 10am depending upon how the sightings have gone which is usually very good. Then we might have a little rest and off to the office for lunch for 12pm.

After lunch we are out again tracking and checking the other animals. Then the evening meal is at 6pm (the food is also very very nice). Some days we eat at home which is away from the office canteen using food we have bought using our allowance at Spar, which is nice and easy.

If it comes over the radio about someone seeing something really rare we will drop everything to check that out.

There is also the chance to do so much more, so far we have been really lucky to be involved in the Lion capture (to put a collar on her), Rhino capture and release and Nyala capture as well.  All of these the animals were darted.  We have been on walks through the farm helping with everything we can get involved with. Just the other day we had elephants outside where we are staying which was amazing. 

 All sorts of other animals come so close to where we live as we have no fence around us. Just before food this evening at the office we heard the Cheetah was outside some houses round the corner so we walked over to check it out!! Brill!!!

What can I say - I am having the best time ever and to be honest I don’t want to go back home to doing the same thing everyday as we all do in England, I would love this life style out here!!!  But we will see. 

 Many thanks, best regards, Chris

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