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Volunteers' Stories


Fiona McAdam          


Care for Animals in an Animal Sanctuary Voluntary Project near Port Elizabeth, plus the 1-Week Multi-Marine Conservation Project in Cape Town, South Africa


I decided to do conservation volunteer projects in South Africa as I completed an Undergraduate degree in Geography and Environmental Management. I was particularly interested in the area of conservation so thought that gaining some volunteer work in this area would improve my employability potential.

My main project was at the Animal Sanctuary near Port Elizabeth and then I did 2 add-on projects, the 5-day Safari and 1-Week Multi-Marine project near Cape Town.

However, I ended up enjoying the Multi-Marine project the most for many reasons, such as the accommodation was amazing. We had free internet access, we were treated very much like adults, all of the workers there were so friendly, welcoming and supportive. In our spare time we had our own volunteer mini-bus and our guide took us to explore different locations.

The days out on the boat were incredible, seeing sharks every day and the occasional whale and Kleinbaai/Gansbaai were just beautiful and very safe locations to be staying in.

I felt like promoting the Multi-Marine project because before I went to South Africa I heard very little about the project, there weren't even any reviews to read about it!! If I did this experience again I also would have stayed a lot longer on the Marine project but I am not sure if this is even an option with Travellers Worldwide as it was just promoted as an add-on?[***]

Anyway, as you can tell, I am extremely passionate about my experience with the sharks and I hope to return to Kleinbaai in the very near future!!!

*** Comment from Travellers: The Multi-Marine project is certainly available as a full-time project and many volunteers have been on it ... and totally enjoyed it! We offer a 1-Week Add-On as an inexpensive opportunity to experience this amazing project for those who either don't have the time to do the longer MMP project, or who have their hearts set on a different project but want to add to heir wonderful South African experience :-)

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