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Volunteers' Stories




Care for Animals in an Animal Sanctuary Voluntary Project near Port Elizabeth, plus the 1-Week Multi-Marine Conservation Project in Cape Town, South Africa


I feel that I gained experience all around. Working in the restaurant, feeding the animals and doing odd jobs around the farm. I feel that I have extra experience where I never have had before. I will have more confidence in doing all different things from new to old.

The best thing about the placement would be that it didn’t feel like work it felt like doing chores in a family business. Sandy and Percy welcomed all of us volunteers as family and I did not feel homesick as I had a family to take care and love me. I would definitely recommend this placement to anyone and everyone! This would suit an outgoing hard working person who loves to do any sort of work from cleaning to rough and rugged work and who does not mind getting dirty!

This was the best thing that I have ever done in my whole life. I have met and worked with the greatest people. I now have friends and family all over the globe!

The animals were fantastic you couldn't help but bond with them all they had great personalities! Working there was like being welcomed into a family. I will miss them all very much - it was hard to come home and get back into the swing of things here in Canada and am still having a hard time without my new family.

Can you describe a typical day?

We started at 7:00 so we would wake up and have breakfast and then we would prepare the food for the animals. We roughly finished the morning feed by 9 - 9:30. Then we might have a quick tea break and after that we would do whatever needed doing from cleaning the kitchen and watching the restaurant to walking the game farm looking for holes or whatever building that might need doing.

We always tried to do anything even if we had a hard time doing it. Sandy and Percy are very patient and always included us in everything.

We would have lunch from 1:00-2:00 and then continue on whatever was needed. At 3:00 we would start the afternoon feed then after that was done we would normally clean up the kitchen make sure all things were done for the day and usually we would retire back to the cabin at 4 - 4;30.

Supper time was great as we had a family meal almost everyday and we always socialized at the end of everyday. It was like one very large happy family it made the experience even better!

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