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Volunteers' Stories





Lion Rehabilitation and Release Project in Zambia

Even though the sole purpose for me was to be up close and personal with the Lions in Zambia, there were many other experiences while I was volunteering on this program that made my time a special one.

One of these moments was when I was part of a group that needed to head into the National Park and execute a snare sweep. This was something new to me however, I knew this occurred throughout Africa.

Some locals still do not realize that these creatures of Africa provide tourism and therefore money to the countries.

When it comes to feeding your hungry family and saving an animal that they do not see is important then you can see why this still occurs.

Education is vital there to stop snares being set up. So when we all stood in a line and started walking forward together one meter a part it was such an over whelming feeling when the first snare was found by one of the volunteers.

We marched forward together in a sequence again. Once again a yell was heard a few meters away from us, another snare had been found.

It was bitter sweet, to be finding these snares was wonderful as we were saving one animal every time we found one however on the other hand it was still a huge problem that in this day and age that needs to be eliminated.

The Local scout that I was walking along side had tears in his eyes when each snare was found. His passion for saving African animals was evident and maybe a glimpse of hope that in time this barbaric practice will soon come to an end.

At the end of our short trek through the National Park, we found 15 snares, these were handed to the ZAWA officers that was with us.

The smile on his face was hard to miss, he to realized that we had saved 15 animals lives that day.

This experience just proved that I was volunteering in a program that not only cared about the Lions they were raising but were also interested in the local community and the other creatures that lived along side their reserve.

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