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Volunteers' Stories




Teaching Music to Underprivileged Children on a voluntary placement in Accra, Ghana


There are so many words to describe the amazing adventure, which has now inspired me to undertake more voluntary work and in the future become a teacher and live in Africa.  Aloysius [Travellers' Ghana Manager] was there to meet me and instantly I had a smile on my face as I travelled to the hostel, peering out of the car window at the women carrying huge buckets of water on their heads and the Tro-tro mates (local buses) shouting their destinations. Accra seemed a very busy and up-beat city.

Mr Quaynor (Uncle) was waiting for me and I knew that I would love living here. Mrs Quaynor (Auntie) is the cutest lady I know and basically became my Ghanaian mum, she was willing to do anything for me and would cook the most delicious food; her Yam chips are the best!!! The volunteers all live in the main house building and by the end of my placement I became part of the family and even helped Uncle and Auntie with the business, just by answering the phone, taking bookings and welcoming new arrivals to the hostel.

I spent my 3 months living with Alison, Anthony and Tom (all volunteers) and really became a family unit, we all saw each other as brothers and sisters and I think my experience wouldn’t have been the same if they weren’t there.

The thing that really struck me was how friendly everyone was, so when you read or hear about Ghanaian people being the friendliest of all Africans, it is definitely true. I instantly fell in love with the children who are all so beautiful and very, very inquisitive!

I taught all classes, which ranged from nursery (age 2) to Form 2 (ages 15-16), mainly music with a little bit of English and RE. All the children were very well mannered, they called me Madame Lucy and especially loved the music lessons.

I have learnt so much from my voluntary work in Ghana; the most precious thing that will stay with me was the love and kind hospitality that was given to me from everyone I met. And even though they have very little, they still cared dearly and made me feel so welcome into their lives.

Living in Ghana has given me a love of Africa and has inspired me to travel further to widen my experiences and knowledge. I would encourage everyone to visit Ghana and to undertake some type of voluntary work, it is such a rewarding experience and my time in Ghana was the best three months I could have asked for. Now I can’t stop travelling!!!

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