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Volunteers' Stories




Law Work Experience Internship in Buenos Aires, Argentina


Overall, the experience has been very varied and I've had good exposure to what it's like to be a Commercial lawyer in Buenos Aires. Like any work placement there are days when I'm busy and days when I'm not. The staff here are very friendly and have been keen to get me involved as much as possible.

I have visited the Commercial Court. I attended a meeting at a client's office. I have researched trademarks and registration procedures on my own at the National Intellectual Property Center. I have translated documents from Spanish into English. One day I visited the Law faculty with one of the lawyers and attended one of the lectures she gave.

The experience has been definitely been worthwhile. It has encouraged me to pursue this career when I get back home and the little Spanish that I had beforehand has improved immensely. I think the highlight has been attending the client meetings. It was very interesting to listen to the issues that the client had and how the lawyers were proposing possible solutions.

At times it can be frustrating when my 'Spanglish' lets me down, but it's a great way to learn a language and get some worthwhile experience at the same time. You definitely need to be able to use your initiative and work on your own. You can't be afraid to ask questions.

You also need an open mind and a good sense of humour because obviously things are done differently here sometimes and you have to see the funny side of things.

The host family are really nice and the house is great. They really help me to practice my Spanish and they are extremely knowledgeable about Buenos Aires so that really helps.

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