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Volunteers' Stories




Law Work Experience Internship, plus Spanish Language Course in Buenos Aires, Argentina


Buenos Aires is gorgeous, I really love it. Its very obviously a city of rich and poor but its great good knowing that there's so much to see and do and that I probably will struggle to do it all in three months! In terms of the legal placement, operating in a different legal system for a company that deals with important clients is a great experience.

The main experience is living in a foreign country and getting to meet and know the people. I find Argentinean people fascinating and that is an amazing experience! The best thing about it is getting to research and discuss unfamiliar areas of law.

My Spanish has improved a lot and is continuing to do so. Thanks so much, if it wasn't for all your help and hard work I wouldn't be having this amazing experience.

What type of person do you think this placement would suit?

You have to be able to work off your own initiative and have a real interest in the law or you’ll be bored witless. As regards living over here in general, it may sound obvious but don’t come if there’s someone or something that you’re going to miss so much that it spoils your time. If you can’t handle that trade off then you shouldn’t come.

Can you describe a typical day?

On the days I have a Spanish lesson I get up at 07:45, get ready and get the subte (subway) to my class (about 3 stops). I have that for 2 hours then subte it to work usually for about 11:45.

I start on whatever work we’re doing at the moment, usually with Lucy, and this has ranged from writing a shareholders agreement for a venture capital firm to preparing for a bondholder meeting for a large client.

We take about half an hour for lunch usually around 1 and try to leave around 4.

I tend to come back and chill for a bit and then either go out or cook some dinner and watch a DVD (there’s a rental place nearby). I try to get to bed for 2 but you never get to sleep before 3 so a baby-style nap after work is a good move! The body clock adjustment is a big thing here. It’s not physically demanding but its a culture shift in a big way.

Going out for dinner at 10 and clubbing after is awesome but a bit of a shift from the English way of doing things.

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