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Volunteers' Stories




Law Work Experience Internship plus
Spanish Language Course in Buenos Aires, Argentina,


I have had a good exposure to law and legal Spanish which has greatly improved my knowledge of how the law works in Argentina and what an Argentine lawyer does on a day-to-day basis.

My Spanish has definitely improved a great deal since I have been here. I express myself much more fluently and clearly now and I am much more confident when speaking to Argentines at work, in the family I live with and in social situations. It has been a really good experience to be independent and find my own way in a foreign country.

I have also really enjoyed working in a legal environment and improving my knowledge of how a law firm abroad works.

Finally I have loved getting to know a different people, a different culture and a very different country to what I have grown up with. I will definitely take away some great memories of Argentina.

I have been really impressed by Travellers. The placement has been really well organised, both in the build-up to my departure for Buenos Aires and during my stay here. I have really felt well looked after.

Can you describe a typical day?

My day begins at 9:30 in the law firm. As the firm is quite a small firm in terms of staff, I am generally kept busy throughout the morning doing various tasks such as legal research, translations and administrative tasks for different people in the office.

I leave the office at 1:30, have a quick lunch and then head off to my Spanish lesson between 3 and 5. I am set homework for every lesson, usually a translation, a grammar exercise or a short essay, which I discuss with my teacher before moving on to read a newspaper article, a short story by an Argentine writer or an article about an aspect of Argentine history.

In the evenings and on the weekends I go out with some friends I have made while I have been here, explore the city or take a short trip to a nearby town.

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