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Volunteers' Stories




TV Work Experience Internship in Perth, Australia


In terms of experience within the television industry, I learnt a lot from having the opportunity to present several community television programmes. I was also able to observe the daily workings of community television, and I gained an insight by observing editing, audio recording, and camera work.

Dealing with the administration side of things gave me confidence in dealing with different people and helped me understand more about how the organisation was run.

The most valuable experience I gained was the amazing opportunity to present several programmes, which I gained a lot of confidence from, and which was definitely the most exciting part of the placement. I also met many different and friendly people, both at work and at the lodge, and the level of hospitality from everyone contributed greatly to making my time in Perth interesting and enjoyable.

I would definitely recommend the placement to anyone interested in working in the television industry, as it offers invaluable experience in editing, presenting, as well as an insight into the world of community television. The people try to get you as involved as possible, and encourage you to learn all you can.

This placement would be perfect for someone who has a keen interest in television, in particular in the local community. To get the most out of the placement, the ideal candidate should be bubbly, confident and willing to get involved and tackle new challenges.

Can you describe a typical day?

I started work at 9.15am, unless otherwise informed, and started off by going through the organisation's e-mails with Peter, the chairperson of the organisation. We would check to see if anything interesting had come through and print out any relevant information.

I spent most of the morning doing administration work (calling people to arrange interviews, replying to e-mails, doing research for upcoming interviews) and then I would have an hour of lunch at 12pm, which I spent in the city center.

In the afternoon, I would often work with the organisation's executive producer, maybe checking through tapes before they got sent off, observing audio recording, or organising arrangements for filming on location. Sometimes I also sat in the edit suite in the afternoon and watched Kelvin, who edited the raw material.

High school students came in on certain days for work experience, and I would spend these days supervising them and helping them carry out activities such as filming around Perth city or creating media slideshows. On days when there was professional filming to be done, I often had to come in earlier than usual or stay later. On such a day, we would go to a location to interview people and take shots, and this was when I was allowed the opportunity to present some of the programmes.

On Monday evenings, I took part in Peter's Video Drama Club, where he encouraged me to experiment with cutting and switching recorded material of club members performing monologues. These evenings, I would finish at 8pm, but other days I finished around 5pm, unless we were filming on location.

Where would you recommend volunteers to visit? (ie tourist places, restaurants, bars etc)

I would recommend volunteers visit Perth City Center first of all, and shopaholics will enjoy browsing the shops on Friday night, when most places are open until 9pm. Swan River is a walk away, and beautiful during the evening. Northbridge is definitely an experience at night, and one particular nightspot, The Shed, is a fun place to have a few drinks, because of it's reputation as a typically Australian open-air bar.

Fremantle is a good place to visit during both the day and night, and taking a ferry is a great way to travel there - Make sure you get some gelato on the cappuccino strip and head to Cicerelli's for the best fish and chips. I would also recommend the torchlight tour at Fremantle prison, as it is very interesting, and creates a spooky atmosphere. King's Park is a lovely place to take a walk on a sunny day, as it is huge and there are some beautiful views.

One of my personal favourite places to relax was the beach at Cottesloe, where we watched the sunset on more than one occasion, and it is not far at all on the train. The Burswood Casino is one place to put on your list of places to visit at night, and even if you're not one to gamble, the club there, called The Ruby Room is a lot of fun.

For any British volunteers feeling homesick, there is an English pub in Perth City Center called The Moon and Sixpence, which does a great roast dinner! Finally, if volunteers want to catch a glimpse of a kangaroo (what better thing to do in Australia?!), they should go for a walk around Harrison Island, and take a camera!

The Lodge is a perfect place for volunteers travelling alone, because everyone there is so welcoming that you settle in straight away. It was also great that I was introduced to the other volunteers when I arrived, so I got to know them. This was very useful, because when I wasn't at work, I visited most places with people that I had met at the Lodge, and I don't think I would have been so adventurous by myself.

There was such a multi-cultural mix and I have made friends from all over the world, who I intend to keep in touch with, and maybe even visit in the future.

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