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Volunteers' Stories


Michael Atkinson, Radio Internship in Australia          


Radio Work Experience Internship in Perth, Australia


Previously before this placement, I was head of Sport at a community radio station in Liverpool, worked in a news room at a commercial radio station for 6 months or so, and had been involved previously with my student and hospital radio station in the East Midlands.

I came to Perth, WA in May 2011 to start a 3 month placement for a radio. During those 3 months, I managed to get stuck into various things, such as audio editing tasks, script writing and voicing, helping out in the news room, answering phone calls on reception, and yes, the one job everyone does in radio, make the cups of tea. Luckily, being a pom, I can knock out a pretty darn good black tea with 2 sugars.

This might have helped me get a job there… well probably not just the tea making.

Luckily General Manager Bevan Jones decided he could forgive my fairly strong northern English Accent and offered me as a job as a producer.

Since I liked the weather here in Perth, and bear in mind, it was winter at the time, which is still by far better than a UK “summer”, this was a no brainer. Plus I enjoyed the very friendly atmosphere at this station, and it was an exciting time to join the ranks, as the place was in the middle of a fairly big shift, with new exciting projects being lined up.

At the moment I’m a Producer and Volunteer Co-ordinator. So if you decide to come to Perth, you’ll have to deal with me!

My main roles include looking after the production of the Perth Wildcats basketball coverage. I’ve been to 25 of the 28 games, both here in Perth and interstate.

I’ve managed to see the beautiful Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns, Townsville, Adelaide and erm… Wollongong, which is, shall we say, different.

I’ve also commentated 3 games myself this season, and hopefully the Australian audience can adjust to the shock of a pom commentating the basketball – it sounds a bit weird, apparently.

We also, from time to time, cover the local WA State Basketball league, when it gets to the pointy end of the season.

I look after the volunteers from Travellers Worldwide, and local universities here in Perth, assist our technical director with other outside broadcasts and IT around the office or in the studio, and help our production manager and on air team with campaigns and other odd jobs you’d only find at a radio station. My tea making skills are still top notch… well I think, anyway.

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Michael Atkinson, Radio Internship in Australia