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Volunteers' Stories




Photojournalism Work Experience Internship in Beijing, China


I have definitely gained more experience as a photographer. I have learned that you really do just need to take pictures of everything because having the knowledge that you've missed a good shot is a horrible feeling! I have become more confident in myself and have gotten my creative flare back, which is something I lost for a while. I feel I have gained greater knowledge on how a magazine is run along with a greater knowledge of China which is a fantastic place to do this placement.

I've met some amazing people, seen a lot of awesome sights, but I suppose if I really had to pick the best thing about the placement I would say that the photographs that I have achieved is something I never imagined and will definitely make a great portfolio for my future.

I would definitely recommend this placement to someone else. Although I would say that you do really need to make your own work. Ask if there's anything you can do to help out or think of ideas for assignments you could do and run them by the magazine they're usually more than up for you doing that.

This placement would suit someone who is very interested in doing photography or photojournalism because you will get some great shots out here and great work experience. Don't just do it for the reason of coming to china otherwise you will be very bored at work. The more skills you have in different things like layout design, photography, photo editing etc, the more work you will get. They're not afraid to give you work as long as you can do it.

I usually start at 10am work for a couple of hours until lunch. Work could involve anything depending on what they need you to do or what you can do. In my first week I was asked to think of three photo ideas for an article. They really liked one idea so I designed it for them and now they're using it in one of the next issues.

I also went on a trip to Wudang mountain (where Karate Kid was filmed) to cover a story about a kung fu school. It was a 20-hour train ride there and back, which was interesting to say the least! A great experience! I really got see, what I feel is, real China. We lived in a small town for 5 days. We climbed the mountain which was incredible! We were in a jungle, hopping over rivers on stepping stones, feeding monkeys.

The reason we got to go on this trip is because another intern who is a writer suggested the idea to the editor and he loved it so he brought me and another photographer with him. So the work you get really depends on what the magazine needs or if you can make work for yourself.

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