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Volunteers' Stories




Kirsten Pillatt

Medical Work Experience Internship, in Madurai, India

My time in India was firstst class and I loved every minute of it. The hospital was above and beyond what I was expecting, especially in the type of experience I was getting.

I undertook a medical internship initially to get a further feel of things and to make sure I was 100% keen on Medicine. Now I can say after all the experience I received over the past month was outstanding. I never expected to do as much as I did. Helping in surgeries was a major highlight of my experience and it has made me want to apply to medicine so much more.

I don't think I would have got as much out of my time in India if I had planned the trip myself so I am very glad I went through Travellers. So many things made it for me; the other volunteers, staying with a host family, the hospital and everyone there that made me feel extremely welcome. Nothing was ever too much for them to show or explain to me even if it was perhaps a busy day.

India as a country is so varied and has a great sense of tradition and culture than I would say our own. To be honest I didn't know what to expect before I left and when I arrived I felt very naive to have thought they all spoke the same language or a majority of the population did. I loved learning all about the culture and also that each state has their own language.

Arriving home was a shock! No honking or noise and I missed it so much for the first few days. I definitely saw a lot when I was there. The stark differences in social class is very prominent and at first I didn't know why people would stand up when walking through the hospital but soon realised that the families of patients would stand out of uttermost respect for the doctors as they progressed through the ward.

Little things, such as whole families attending the appointment with their family member, was a touching thing to see. This in itself was one of the many differences I learnt between the two countries.

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