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Volunteers' Stories




Teaching Children in Schools and Refugee Centres in Perth, Australia


I feel I am gaining a huge sense of achievement from working with the children at the school to boost their confidence and understanding of English.  I am also enjoying learning about different cultures and new perspectives, from both the staff at the school and the children. 

I am gaining valuable experience in working with the children both one-on-one and talking to the whole class, which is giving me different techniques and approaches to Teaching. I feel I am learning to use my initiative and adapt so that I am able to cope with any situation in the future.

The best part of my placement so far has been the opportunity to assist in Art, my chosen area of interest as I have had such varied experiences in this department. I have enjoyed the challenges of teaching the class, preparing materials for new projects and working closely with students to ensure they feel a sense of achievement in what they have achieved and enjoyment in the subject.

I would definitely recommend a placement at the School, I think it would suit anybody who is open minded to different cultures and new ideas and enjoys working with children. Anybody happy to get stuck in and willing to learn will love this placement! I always feel very welcomed at the School, by teachers and children alike. 

The school is very flexible in your role and there is the opportunity to do more work in your chosen subjects if you wish. All the staff are easy to talk to and have given me the opportunity to teach the class and to be a part of their team.

Can you describe a typical day?

Start the first session at 9.30 which ends at 10.45. I am normally in Art, which involves preparing materials and organising the class with the right equipment, helping individuals with their work, taking small groups, teaching the demo to the class. 

I am sometimes in a classroom where my role involves reading to the class, helping individuals and often taking small groups out to complete work or practice writing/reading.

The next session is 11.05-12.35 and the last is 1.20-2.45. I stay until 3pm to pack up and organise art equipment (Mix paints, prepare boards, etc) for the next day.

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