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Volunteers' Stories





(1) Portuguese Language Course and
(2) Teaching English Project at the Orphanage in Florianopolis, Brazil

After finishing high school in Norway, I decided that I wanted some time off from the Norwegian everyday life and experience something new and exotic. After having corresponded with Travellers for some time, I decided to go to Brazil and to teach English at an orphange.

After having spent some weeks in Florianópolis I got more comfortable with Portuguese and the local customs and culture. It was now time to start doing what I really came to do - to teach English.

The beginning was both rough and difficult, but after having gotten over those initial barriers I grew into it and enjoyed it a lot. Standing in a classroom in Brazil trying to communicate with twenty five kids of six years of age staring you up and down and not being able to communicate verbally with each other, was probably the hardest challenge in my life yet!

But it’s amazing how fast you adapt and overcome big challenges if you just want to. I taught at the orphange for three months and when I was finished I was both relieved and sad. Spending that much time with the kids, I had started to care for them and enjoy their company, however, I was also ready to start my other job in Brazil.

In the first weeks in Brazil I was approached by a scout of a model agency and it turned out that they were quite interested in representing me if I was cut out for the business. I agreed to try it and not having any expectations I was blown away when Ford Models actually said that I was now represented by them. The only problem was that my visa and flight ticket were putting an end to my stay, and this just after I had gotten my big deal with Ford!

After much research and a trip to Argentina (to extend my visa) I was allowed to stay for an additional three months. So I found an apartment (right on the beach!) and I started what would turn out to be a very long vacation! I did some jobs with the agency at a fashion show and made some much needed money to fund my extra three months. All in all, I had a wonderful stay in Brazil and I left with an enriched set of friends, life purpose, language skills and confidence. I highly recommend spending time in this crazy, weird, wonderful, majestic country where you might have your dreams come true!

As for the aftermath of my journey I realized much about myself. I, mentally, grew a lot and I became more confident in what I really desire in life. That being said, I’m sure I’m not going to become a teacher nor a proffesional model, however I have a pretty good idea of what I do want to do. To all fellow volunteers and soon-to-become volunteers, I wish you a good trip and enjoy, cherish and seize every opportunity you stumble over as they may leave a big influence on your life.

Obrigado, divirte-se no Brasil!

Ludvik Solnør

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