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Volunteers' Stories




Teaching Disadvantaged Children in Foz do Iguassu, Brazil.


The school where I teach is amazing. They have excellent facilities, staff and students are friendly and I feel part of the teaching team when I attend teacher meetings every other Friday at 2.00pm. There are three branches of the school so you have a variety of classes. The main branch is downtown and within walking distance of the hotel. If you have to teach there then you get the bus and the school pays or one of the teachers will take you there.

What made this was the overwhelming helpfulness of the school teachers, the hotel staff and being able to use my intuition. I had the opportunity to explore so many places, such as the Iguaçu Falls, the largest bird park in Latin America, Florianopolis and another 18hr journey all the way to Rio de Janeiro. Just 10 minutes walk from the hotel were the majority of shops. The School where I taught was amazing, they have excellent facilities, the staff and students are friendly and I felt like part of the team when attending teacher meetings. My teaching schedule was pretty straightforward from 3pm – 5pm and 7pm – 9pm. Everyone had their own schedule and coordinator. My coordinator was very approachable and I was able to get the odd day off to go exploring further a field such as Florianopolis (an 18 hour bus journey, costing about R$72.00).

My time here has been completely enjoyable. There are lots of food places to eat; I recommend that volunteers should check out the pizza park. There are also night clubs and bars that you can go to. I would set aside a day to see the Argentinean side of the Falls and half a day for the Brazilian. My room mate was lovely, we had so much in common and clicked straight away so had a lot of luck on our side. I had so much fun that I extended my stay!

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