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Volunteers' Stories




Teaching Disadvantaged Children in Favella Schools in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Additional Activities: Portuguese Language, Capoeira


I have been so busy! Everything is going really well. I feel like I have settled in really well! Brazil as a country is absolutely beautiful! And I'm already in love with all the people, everyone has been so friendly!

I think Brazil for me is the perfect place for my Gap year - and the location of our hotel is great. We do have the internet in our hotel but I've been tending to use an Iinternet cafe which is just down the road. There are loads of restaurants just round the corner where me and the other volunteers have been eating at nearly every night - also there is a McDonalds 2 minutes away for emergencies!

I'm working at a school and enjoying every minute of it. They've lowered me in very gently - I began just sitting in lessons - helping out, reading dialogues etc., but now by my third week I have my own conversation class and am often left alone with the students to play games in the other classes I attend.

The teachers are really approachable and if you need help with anything they're so willing to chat to you or give you ideas about conversation topics and print out activities for you.

All my classes so far have been about 20 minutes walking from the hotel. I don't usually start until 2 in the afternoon and then have 2 or 3 lessons which are about an hour and a half each.

I'm also taking Portuguese lessons and Capoeira lessons with the other volunteers - which Fabio organized for us - so I'm keeping very busy. Also had a lot of use out of the swimming pool which is a 2 minute walk away!

The accommodation is simple - but perfect for what we need, we even get our laundry done every week! The breakfast is nice - fruit, bread, ham, cheese and a selection of fruit juices. Everywhere is great value for money - me and Ursula (another volunteer) ate out last night on under 3 pounds for both of us!

We've been to see the falls and they were absolutely beautiful. Just them alone made this trip worth it! I'm having a really good time, and I don't want to leave! So glad I've still got 9 weeks left!

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