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Volunteers' Stories




Teaching Disadvantaged Children in Brazil


Everything is going well and I'm enjoying being here. I am teaching at a school and it's very professional, the facilities are good - am currently in their computer room which has about 20 computers available to be used by students, all with internet access.

Everyone is very friendly and the students are keen to learn although they initially find it hard to adjust to my accent. I am mainly teaching in the evenings and this gives me time to prepare for lessons as well as explore during the day.

The school has offered me free Portuguese lessons, which is great becauseI want to learn as nobody speaks English here (outside of the school) and it will be helpful for when I go travelling later.

At the moment my timetable is Mon 6:30- 8pm, Tue 2-3:30pm, 7-8pm. 8-9:30, Wed 6:30-8pm, Thurs7-8pm, Fri 7-8pm, Sat 2-4:30, 6-8pm. Lessons are mostly in the afternoons, evenings and on Saturdays.

The school has lots of good teachers and for half of the lessons - those that aren't conversational - I share the teaching with their permanent teacher and act as more of an assistant.

There are three schools so on Saturday I teach at another one of these (which is about half an hour away) and get a lift from another teacher. It is good to be teaching different age groups and abilities. Lots of people are studying tourism or work in hotels, so they are learning English as part of their course or have their lessons paid for by hotels that want them to learn. It is great to have interaction with students, we have found out more about what to do.

There is lots of `festa junina` at the moment where each neighborhood has a party/festival in a park. We went to the large town festival last week called `fartelĀ“ which had a Fun Fair and lots of different stalls

The school co-ordinator does Capoeira (similar to break-dancing, that originated from slaves dancing in crop fields to entertain and strengthen themselves) and he is very good at it. He is keen for us to learn, Joy is going to classes most evenings. I have been as well - it is very difficult but fun too.

At there moment there seems to be a bank vacation more or less every week as it is June. This is good because it gives Joy and I more time to do stuff together - we went to Argentina on Thursday and tomorrow (another vacation) we are going to Paraguay!

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