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Volunteers' Stories




Teaching Underprivileged Children in Accra, Ghana


Being in Ghana is fantastic, there's no other word for it. There may be some initial homesickness once the novelty of being abroad has worn off, but then you realise that you're miles away from home, you're here for three months and you might as well pull your socks up and make the most out of your placement.

As for the country itself - what can I say? It really is one of the most wonderfully diverse places I've ever experienced. The people, the climate, the schools, the sights and smells all contribute to create a friendly atmosphere in which you feel very secure and very welcome from the moment you arrive. The instant you step off the plane into the dust and the heat, you can see at a glance that the next three months in Ghana are going to be like nothing you've seen or done before, but that only adds to the excitement and the pleasure you get out of it.

The family are all very nice too. Naturally the first night was quite a nervous time. I arrived quite late in the evening expecting to find the whole family in bed, but instead I walked into the house to find about a dozen (I was expecting five or six at most) people clustered around the television (you're quite right about Ghanaian television, too - it's worse than appalling!) and I had to pretend to understand their names and what they were saying whilst taking in all these new surroundings that were to be my home for the next three months.

School too was strange at first but now is really good fun. The first time we arrived it was quite daunting; all these new names and faces, and the thought that I was to be responsible for part of their education. I was taken aback by the fact that I was teaching Art (a subject in which I show about as much talent as I do at speaking Greek) as well as English, French, PE and Music, but it really wasn't a problem at all, and now I enjoy the school very much. The headmaster and teachers are all very nice and so far there haven't been any problems whatever to note.

In terms of all the other volunteers, I don't think we could get on any better. We all seemed to have settled in very well with each other and many a lasting friendship has been made. Thanks for making all this possible

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