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Volunteers' Stories


Mollie O'Riordan          


Teaching Disadvantaged Children in Mombasa, Kenya


On the first weekend of our trip we attended a safari in Tsavo which was the most incredible experience. The accommodation was great and overlooked a watering hole. The two days out on safari were well worth the money as we were lucky enough to see so many amazing animals and our tour guide was a great help. This was one of the best weekends I have ever had!

We also visited local tribal villages which were just a couple of matatu rides away. Here we got to meet the 'Witch Doctor' and try so many of the traditional activities.

On our final week, the teach I had been working with arranged a gathering at her house in the afternoon as a chance to say goodbye. This was a fantastic opportunity to play with all the kids, have loads of fun and talk to my teacher as the kids cooked us dinner.

Afterwards they gave me a present to say goodbye as I gave them what they had given me. It was the most touching experience I think I have ever had as I had grown so fond of my class and hearing them say how much they would miss me, made me not want to leave! I grew very fond of the teacher I worked with and she made me more than welcome.

Some of the English lessons I took were very successful and I felt that both the class and myself gained a lot from them. Facing the challenges of teaching on top of a language barrier was at times very difficult but I gained so much from every day in Kenya.

The children were amazing and the want to learn was inspiring. I had so much fun teaching them games and getting to know individuals that I know I will never forget.

It was interesting to be around the variant cultures and mixing with children from such varied and string religious backgrounds. There were difficulties, such as seeing how little some children dealt with, some of the expectations assumed of western people's generosity and seeing how some children were unfairly treated. However, each experience added to the authenticity of the trip, making me feel more connected to and inspired by the incredible life in Kenya.

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