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Volunteers' Stories





Teaching Music in School in Auckland,
New Zealand

I was doing a project called "Teaching Music at a Primary School" in Auckland, New Zealand for 9 weeks. It has been such a good time. I was warmly welcomed by the staff and got straight into work. Although, I wouldn't consider it as real work. It was more about gaining experiences.

I chose this project because I wanted to go to New Zealand and since I am a musician and planning on becoming a teacher I felt this project would fit me very well. And it definitely did.

I was volunteering at a Primary School in Auckland. It is a multicultural school in a low socio economic (but beautiful) area. The staff was incredibly friendly and supportive. It was almost like being part of a big family. The kids were very kind and open minded. At first, I was a bit afraid of the language barrier (because I am not a native English Speaker) but those worries were gone after I my first day.

I helped the music teacher with the music lessons, I taught drum lessons and I had my own guitar group. It was so much fun. I also helped with the "Garden-To-Table" - Program which included a bit of gardening and cooking together with the children in the kitchen. It may sounds like a lot of commitment and indeed I found myself wanting to help as much as I can because, I just fell in love with the school.

It is a wonderful community and just impressive to see what is possible with a good will and hard work. The school's motto is "I can do it, you can do it and together we can achieve our goals." And this experience showed me how true that is.

I am going to miss everyone so much, and am excited to pop by in a few months before I fly back. I would recommend this project to anyone who is willing to experience a perfect example of how a school should be: inclusive of all cultures, a place where children like to go, a community.

I met so many wonderful people I will never forget. This project gave me a lot more self-confidence, an improvement of my English knowledge, better educational abilities and a lot of good times.

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