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Volunteers' Stories


Jennifer Rigby          

Jennifer Rigby

Teaching Children in Schools on a volunteering placement in Auckland, New Zealand


I loved everything about my project, was amazing.I saw my in-country support staff 5 times in the month I was away. I felt this was the perfect amount, as she didn't intrude on our free time, and yet she was always there when you needed advice. Many times I texted her asking questions and she always responded promptly. She met me at the airport, and gave me a little tour; she took me to my school induction; she arranged for all the volunteers to go out for a meal when one volunteer was leaving; she even came and visited on my birthday and dropped off a present, which I felt went above and beyond what she had to do.

The accommodation was situated near to Auckland downtown. It was near to food shops, and a park, and a short walk from all the main shops and the harbour. It was near to the bus stops for the school bus, so you didn't have to leave too early for school. The facilities were great, a good kitchen, laundrette, computers and a communal living room, good for watching films in the evenings.

I absolutely loved my placement in New Zealand! The country itself is beautiful, and the people are so welcoming. Whilst there, I helped at a primary school in a low income area of Auckland. It was amazing! The school was brilliant, the teaching staff were all so friendly and seemed genuinely grateful for the volunteers.

A standard day involved getting to school at about 8.45 am in time for morning classes. I was placed mostly with the youngest children, so my day involved supervising them, helping with reading and writing, and assisting with general activities. I switched between 3 different classes throughout the week, and I loved them all. Along with that, I helped with an athletics day, and some P.E. classes, and 4 times a week I was involved with a program called 'Garden to Table', where we taught the (older) children how to cook healthy meals. The school even gave us Friday afternoons off, in case we wanted to travel over the weekends, which we sometimes did.

I did this project because I wanted to do something different, something not everyone has the chance to experience. I loved every minute that I was there; spending everyday with the kids, who were fantastic, so happy and enthusiastic, and spending free time with other volunteers, meeting new people from all over the world.

The experience had made me more confident, and taught me so much about other cultures. I would recommend it to anyone.

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