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Teaching at a Junior School on a volunteering placement in Cape Town, South Africa

I am so glad I volunteered with Travellers and can honestly say it has been one of the best experiences in my life. I was teaching at Junior Observatory School in Cape Town, South Africa and absolutely fell in love with every aspect of the experience.

The staff and students were all so lovely and kind and were always there to help me and make sure I was okay. Cape Town is a beautiful place, and Travellers placed me at an amazing backpackers (33 south) which I loved. I am so glad I stayed there as I met so many incredible people and now have some amazing friendships all over the world! 33 south was extremly accommodating and really became my home. The staff were so friendly and assisted me with any inquiries I had regarding trips, site seeing, and so forth.

If you're going to volunteer in Cape Town, 33 South is the best place to stay- it is also located perfectly for students and young people who want to explore Cape Town. Volunteering at Junior Obs was certainly rewarding, the kids were so respectful and genuinly interested in learning. They were very sweet and wanted to know all about America and my life. I brought in a few dollars one day and they just loved it!

I volunteered at the Shine Center in the school which was one-on-one reading/writing skills for children who were at lower levels of learning. This was great as I really got to know the students and help them with specific issues that they were struggling with. After the Shine Center, I would go to a grade 3 class and assist the teacher with whatever she needed. Usually it was reading skills, but sometimes I would do other lessons.

Junior Obs is so great because they allow you to explore numerous activities and classes to make sure that you not only teach what you want, but also get to see other parts of the school/students. I got to help with the garden lessons, astronomy club, and help around the library. Everything I experienced at Junior Obs was truly great. On my last day, I received letters and cards from all of my students as well as a gift from the principle of the school. It was so thoughtful and nice and I will truly cherish the students' letters forever.

As an Education major at a University in America, volunteering at a school in South Africa gave me tremendous insight to the culture and how schools in other parts of the world are. I learnt so much about South Africa and saw how many of my kids who lived in townships were so appreciative of the things they had. It was truly a humbling experience. I will use this trip as I continue to teach and hope to teach my students how other kids in other parts countries learn and manage with the little things they have. After volunteering, I now definetly plan to teach in another country and to come back and explore more of Africa.

For anyone who is interested in volunteering and teaching, Traveller's placement in Cape Town, South Africa is worth every penny and will guarantee an amazing and unforgettable experience.

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