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Journalism is a particularly difficult world to enter. Getting ahead relies almost exclusively on your previous experience and portfolio of published articles. Not an easy thing to obtain when you're starting out. Or maybe you're already a journalist looking to branch out into other fields of interest. These internships offer a first-rate opportunity to gain valuable experience and get published. They will be excellent for your profession development - and an outstanding entry on your CV or Résumé!

We hope you find something below that suits you, but if you don't, please contact us and we can probably arrange it for you, as we have for many others! So give us a call on 1-603-574-4935 or email us at info@travelersworldwide.org. We'd love to hear from you.

AUSTRALIA Print Journalism Internship on a Newspaper in Perth
Journalism Internship on a newspaper in Australia

Accommodation included Food not included
Some Studies required

Gain worthwhile experience working in the fast-pace, professional environment of a privately-owned suburban newspaper in the Perth Metropolitan area in Western Australia. If you're seeking further experience in this area or you've just finished your journalism degree, this internship is what you're looking for.

The exposure you gain will give you an extraordinary insight into Australian journalism. This placement is an excellent addition to your CV and will give you good experience of Law Down Under!

You should have some media experience or a qualification in Media.

GHANA Print Journalism on a Newspaper in Accra

Accommodation included Food included
Some Studies required

A unique opportunity to be part of a local newspaper. You'll be able to get involved in assisting the Journalists with getting stories, gathering your own information, taking photos, writing reports, editing and more. For people who have a passion for journalism, this is definitely the placement to give you great experience.

 You should have some experience in Journalism or Social Studies.

GHANA Radio Journalism on a Radio Station in Accra

Accommodation included Food included No qualifications required

Be part of an exciting radio team in the heart of Accra. The station works on news and entertainment.

If you have past radio experience or you are studying a related subject, then it is likely you will have plenty of freedom to express ideas and create your own work assignments. You could find yourself involved with preparing news stories and researching and editing features.

No qualifications needed, but previous experience or study will enable you to do more in-depth and complex activities.

"Heading out to Cape Town was a gamble for me. I'd just finished a summer as a freelance journalist covering cricket and didn't have much work for the winter. I found out about the Travellers programme and it seemed ideal – a month on a sports desk to build my experience and make contacts. It couldn't really have gone any better.

The team at the Newspaper were brilliant. I perhaps had a little more experience than some of the other people who'd joined them so when they realised cricket was my passion they gave me plenty of freedom. I wrote a couple of features over the Christmas period and helped to cover the South Africa-England Test at Newlands.

During the Test I met a Cricinfo journalist – a month later I was offered a job on the website where I have been Editorial Assistant for 18 months and was part of the team that covered England winning the Ashes last summer. It was thanks to the Travellers placement that I'm now in my dream job."
Andrew McGlashan, South Africa


Andrew Pierce, Sri Lanka, Journalism
“With retrospect, my decision to travel to Sri Lanka as an Intern has proved to be amongst the most critical and rewarding choices of my life to date, allowing me to travel in safety with complete confidence, and to progress both professionally and personally. The English media is notoriously difficult to enter, with the number of applicants and dreamers vastly exceeding the number of success stories.

My placement provided the ideal opportunity to gain a truly unique international experience, setting me apart from my peers when applying for both jobs and university places. My portfolio of work, dominated by work published in the Sri Lankan Daily Mirror, was the primary reason for my successful entry onto the prestigious Postgraduate Diploma in Magazine Journalism at Cardiff University." 

Molly Buckley, Beijing, Journalism
“The work experience I am gaining here at The World of Chinese is wonderfully extensive and interesting. The office dynamic is casual, easy-going, and incredibly friendly. Andy and the team are fantastic. With such a small and new publication, even an intern plays a large role in the writing process and in meetings. I often get to provide "the foreigner perspective," as the magazine is geared at expats in China and students interested in the culture of the country. The focus of the magazine is also great because I learn a lot of China-related tips and snippets of history that I wouldn't get from any other magazine.

The best part of the placement has been the opportunity to get comfortable in a city that is so opposite from my own culture. I was surprised by how easy it was to adjust to Beijing.

The other contender for 'best thing' would be the unspoken bond between foreigners in this city. I often find myself in a group of the most random and interesting people, with everyone getting along great regardless of age or nationality.

I would certainly recommend this placement to anyone who has never travelled before. Without Travellers' help in arranging the hostel and job, I wouldn't have known how to visit Beijing.

The person that prospers in this placement is someone who has never travelled before. He/she would need to be very open-minded, as so much of Chinese culture is unlike anything I have ever seen before in the West.

The trip is far more casual and easy to adjust to than I expected it to be. Work is serious, but formal-wear is certainly not required, and everything one could possibly need is readily available at countless stores/markets/malls within easy walking distance.”

Adam Edwards, South Africa, Journalism
"The staff were very friendly and it was a really pleasant environment to work in. I have kept in touch with them and am continuing to write for them here in England, and they are continuing to publish my work in South Africa. The placement has given me experience that would have been very difficult to arrange with a similar-sized publication here in the UK, particularly as I lack any background in journalism. Therefore, it has given me a foot in the door of an industry that would have been relatively inaccessible to me previously.

I have now got the confidence that I can succeed in the profession and have already started freelance work for different publications in the UK, in addition to articles still being published in South Africa. Cape Town was a fabulous place to do this placement ..."

Tim Newnes, Ghana, Journalism
"[I gained] Experience of the workings of a newspaper and journalism, which was a completely new field for me. Equally important was that I gained evidence – through published articles – of the standard of my work and the position I had held – i.e. sports writer. Also, I gained experience of working in a different culture, country and work environment."

Lauren Sanne, Argentina, Journalism
"I feel that I am learning about the culture of Argentina and the working climate in Mendoza. I have learned the basics of how a magazine is run and managed and the steps of going from the concept to the printed product. I think interning at the Wine Magazine has been an exciting learning experience. It is a great way to explore a new area of the world and live at a different pace of life.

My boss was very fun and flexible and always inclusive so I could learn as much as possible about the entire magazine process. The best thing about my placement has been to learn about wine and to be able to have so many adventures in Argentina! I have been encouraged to explore and learn as much as possible! It has also been really great to live with a family and practice my Spanish. I think the placement was great!"

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Published photos taken by Travellers Volunteer Eryn Snyder in Argentina

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