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Future doctors, nurses, dentists and specialists… With supervised projects around the world in hospitals, health centres, rehabilitation units, care homes, dentist surgeries, nutrition centres and more - we have an internship to suit you. Level of experience and qualification required may vary - some internships are suitable for graduates and others are well placed for undergraduates or those with no previous medical knowledge.
(Go here for Physiotherapy, Psychology, Counselling, Social Work.)

We hope you find something below that suits you, but if you don't, please contact us and we can probably arrange it for you, as we have for many others! So give us a call on 1-603-574-4935 or email us at info@travelersworldwide.org. We'd love to hear from you.

ARGENTINA Medical Work Experience Internship in Buenos Aires

Accommodation included Food included
Some Studies required
Work in a Primary Care Centre, or "Salitas". You can work with family doctors, paediatricians, nurses, psychologists, dentists and social workers, as well as other specialties.

You’ll shadow doctors and nurses, including: taking vitals, treating injuries and interacting with patients.

Primary Care Centres are the first level of access for disadvantaged people in poor neighbourhoods and are free to all.

You should be 18, with some previous experience or studies, intermediate Spanish and the ability to work on your own initiative.
CAMBODIA Medical Work Experience in a Hospital in Cambodia:
Medical Internship in a Hospital in Cambodia

Accommodation included Food included
Some Studies required
Give back to the local rural community and at the same time gain valuable medical work experience in a variety of tasks at the Samraong hospital. The hospital aims to offer affordable health treatment and has also recently introduced a free HIV testing facility. Consequently they are inundated with patients, which is not helped by the fact that they are under-staffed.

You'll be able to help by transferring your own knowledge and you'll absorb new knowledge and information from the medical staff and the hospital.

You should be either studying at University or qualified

GHANA Medical Work Experience Programme in Accra

Accommodation included Food included
Some Studies required

Work in a private hospital that also operates an NGO that focuses its efforts in 40 communities in the Okakoi Submetro of Accra. They raise awareness about the prevention and management of Malaria, TB, HIV and Non-communicable diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.

You'll be involved in the day-to-day activities of the Hospital, observing the doctors and nurses and increasing your own knowledge and understanding of medical practice in Ghana Gain experience in the day-to-day running of a law practice specialising in Human Rights. You'll gain invaluable insight into human rights through interesting cases and by taking on a wide variety of tasks.

You should be either planning to study medicine or a medical-related subject,  or currently studying medicine or related subject, or working in a medical field

INDIA Dentistry Work Experience Internships in Madurai

Accommodation included Food included No qualifications required

Gain experience in a private dental practice in Madurai. You'll help take care of the patients, work with the dental hygienist and help with dental counselling. You'll be exposed to Orthodontic, Endodontic, Periodocntics, Oral surgery, implantology and lots more.

You'll also have the opportunity to go out with the mobile unit and assist the team with educating the school children on the importance of oral hygiene and teaching them preventative measures. And more!

No qualifications required - anyone with a passion for helping others is most welcome.
INDIA Medical Work Experience Programme in Madurai

Accommodation included Food included No qualifications required

Generally, your day will start with accompanying the doctors on ward rounds. You'll also be able to sit in on doctor-patient consultations. You'll be assigned to a doctor or nurse who will supervise you during each session.  

One of the Hospitals we work with has a substantial Pharmaceutical Department where you will be able to work as part of your overall medical placement.

You'll have more or less in-depth hands-on experience depending on whether you're studying medicine, are qualified, or have not yet started your studies.

INDIA Physiotherapy Work Experience Internship in Madurai in India

Accommodation included Food included No qualifications required

Join this  unique opportunity to work closely with children of varying disabilities on a physiotherapy internship in India. You'll work as an assistant to the existing physiotherapist, helping her treat the children.

The centre is passionate and enthusiastic and the staff are very eager to share their knowledge and time with you.

You don't need any qualifications, but you will need to have an interest in physiotherapy or be studying towards a physiotherapy degree or related subject.

NEW ZEALAND Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy Work Experience with Disabled Children in Auckland

Accommodation included Food included
Some Studies required

Gain Physiotherapy and/or Occupational Therapy experience with physically disabled children at a special unit in Auckland. You'll assist in a unit that has a large number of children with physical disabilities such as multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and mobility problems.

 You'll work under the guidance of the therapist at the unit helping her treat the children. There may be some days where you will be in charge of the children and set tasks by the unit's therapist. You will also get the chance to work with the children in a classroom environment and this will give you additional experience in how to work with their disabilities and to overcome these obstacles within education.

You should either be in your second year of study (or higher) or be qualified in Physiotherapy or Occupational Therapy.

SOUTH AFRICA Psychology, Social Work and Counselling Work Experience in Knysna
Social Work with Families in South Africa with Travellers Worldwide

Accommodation included Food included
Some Studies required
This organisation focuses on providing Counselling services to people in need of support owing to emotional problems. These can include marital and family stress, depression, mid-life crisis, divorce counselling, HIV-related counselling, conflict management and parenting.

The Society (FAMSA - Families South Africa) is very much family orientated, serving to help resolve family problems and disintegration. You'll learn a lot about all the areas of counselling and social work that they deal with.

Please note that this is Work Experience/Volunteering, rather than an formal Internship.

You should be studying, or be qualified in, Social Work, Psychiatry, Psychology or Counselling, or a related subject. Minimum age 21. 
SRI LANKA Medical Work Experience Internship near Ja Ela

Accommodation included Food included
No qualifications required

Gain excellent Medical Work Experience at a typical Sri Lankan Hospital close to Ja-Ela. Observe experts in your field and learn how they work in Sri Lanka, where medical care can be different to the methods practiced in other countries.

You'll shadow the doctors in various departments in the Hospital. The hospital has 300 staff and currently 13 consultants. There are also many departments with visiting specialists, thus giving you varied exposure.

Whether your main interest is clinical or non-clinical sciences, you'll gain experience you need. If you have not specialised yet, you will be able to gain an all-round experience of medicine.

No qualifications required, but you should be intending to study medicine and thus have a deep-seated interest in it.

ZAMBIA Medical Work Experience Internship in Livingstone
Medical Work Experience in Zambia

Accommodation included Food included
Some Studies required
This is an excellent opportunity to work in a Clinic catering to a rural community that sees over 1,200 outpatients per month. You'll observe experts and learn how they work in Zambia.

The clinic is a full service medical facility operating under the Ministry of Health. They offer antenatal services as well as labor and delivery and child health. They are a recognized HIV centre offering ART (antiretroviral therapy) services, with over 600 patients receiving medicines.

They also provide community based mobile ART and Home Based Care and are a referral centre for the other rural health centres in the surrounding areas.

You should be studying a medicine-related subject or be qualified.

zIMBABWE ZIMBABWE Community Healthcare and Medical Project in Gweru
Medical Clinic Project | Travellers Worldwide

Accommodation included Food included
No qualifications required

This project is not an internship, rather it's about gaining experience in medical work in Zimbabwe. Your biggest service will be the manpower that you offer. You'll be able to get involved in not only this clinic but others in the nearby area as well.   You do not need to be qualified in any particular area. You'll assist qualified personnel in

  • weighing babies, reading body temperatures and blood pressure
  • filing, archiving
  • general cleaning and maintenance, and making patients feel welcome and comfortable
  • You will also have the opportunity to do home visits and maybe even night duty at the clinics!
  • Away from the clinic you will participate in health education campaigns and national immunization drives.

No qualifications required.

"The project far surpassed my expectations and I was able to gain hands-on experience in all areas of the Hospital. The staff were very friendly and accommodating, and I was given access to stuff I just would not have managed in the UK."
Andrew Hamilton, South Africa, Medical


Mary Carroll, Argentina, Children’s Hospital
“I gained more experience working in a medical environment than I ever thought I would have. I was able to work in the lab, pharmacy, wards, with the doctors, x-ray room, treatment room, surgery and on the OPD! I learnt so much when out there and it was very useful to be able to put what I learnt at university into practice! I experienced how hospitals work in Ghana and what improvements are needed out there for all patients to be able to get first class treatment! I always wanted to work in a developing country when I fully qualify as a doctor and this trip has increased that determination!
I would definitely recommend this placement to any other student wanting to get into medicine. It would suit someone who is outgoing, sociable and prepared to work hard.

Craig Barrington, Medical Work Experience
A typical day: Up at 07.00, showered in the cold water! And then had breakfast while watching BBC news 24 for half an hour. Left for work to be there for 08.00 getting a taxi or walking if have time. At work it’s a matter of signing in and then heading to the department you are working in and letting them know you have arrived. Work until around 12.30 before having an hour lunch break and then work again until 16.00. After close spend about an hour chatting to the staff and then head home. I then played cards with some local guys and drank their homemade gin until the sun went down and dinner was ready. The evening depended on whether we went out for the night or stayed in. Bed was usually around 00.00-01.00. We lived with the best family ever and couldn’t have asked to live anywhere else.”

Hui Yiu Hong, Kenya, Medicine
The 4-week experience in a local hospital in Kenya was an unforgettable one. Working in an environment with constraints of resources, I learnt to use every single piece of available clinical information to formulate a diagnosis and the subsequent management plan. The lesson reminded me instead of being an investigation-result-analyzer; I am trained to evaluate patients as a whole, starting from talking with and touching them. After all, medicine is not only a science but also an art.”

“Diseases which are rarely seen in some parts of the world (especially developed countries) e.g. malaria, sickle cell anaemia, HIV etc., are being dealt with on a daily basis here in Kenya.” Lianne Leung / Kenya / Medicine

“The 3 weeks have flown by. I'm going to miss it all a lot! My first impressions of Mombasa were that all of the people here are so lovely and friendly, and so much more relaxed. They enjoy life regardless of their poor financial situations - it's really made me realize and appreciate more what I have at home. The placement has definitely confirmed how much I want to be a doctor, I love surgery and going around the wards with the doctor - although everything is mainly in Swahili they still explain for you. I'm going to miss being here with amazing people. Thanks so much for making this happen!” Sabeeta / Kenya / Medical

David McCaffer, Ghana, Medical
“As far as the medical experience goes, there's only so much textbooks can do for you. Just being here has increased my knowledge tenfold and I've learnt new skills such as taking blood and doing different lab tests etc. The diversity of what I'm doing is definitely the top plus. This placement would suit somebody interested in medicine, obviously, but really a caring person who isn't afraid to just be a nuisance and ask plenty of questions about what's going on around them, because the people here are more than happy to answer them all.

You can't really describe this place with a typical day, things are happening all the time! As far as hours, the standard is 8am to 4pm with lunch whenever you want to take it and going back to work after you've finished chatting with the rest of the friendly staff. The administrator at the hospital suggested doing 2 weeks in the lab, pharmacy, dentist and wards but has no problem at all with you finding other staff members willing to take you on for however long you like such as the xray, treatment room & going round with doctors.”

Kate Malia, Ghana, Medical
This placement has been rewarding work experience for me and it has made me determined to get a qualification so that next time I can truly work, rather that observe. For anybody wanting a career in medicine this is an excellent opportunity and I would recommend it. The doctors have been more that willing to explain everything to me and along with everybody else, have been friendly and welcoming.

After spending some time with various specialists we have spent the final 2 weeks of the placements with GPs again. Everyone has been willing to have us observe and have been keen to explain to us. The ENT specialist also invited us to Korle Bu (the Government Teaching Hospital) where we observed consultations and sat with medical students as they practised their clinical skills both in consultation rooms and the wards.”

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I have just finished my medicine interviews and I cannot do justice to how important my experience in India was to my application, so much so that yesterday I received an offer from Manchester (where I really wanted to go!). Not only this but my experience contributed to me getting a job in the NHS.

My experience in a foreign healthcare setting gave me something great to talk about in interview and as a result I gained employment as a healthcare assistant (or auxillary nurse) on a surgical ward, again something that impressed at interview, and a job I am not sure I would have gained without my Indian experience, especially when you consider how competitive job applications in the UK are today!

Medical work experience placements in Madurai in South India