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Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your children's program or about us. We would be very happy to talk to you.

1. How do I know that Travellers is a "real" company
Travellers (TravelQuest Limited) was established in 1994 and is currently celebrating its 17th year. Travellers is registered with Companies House (Registration No. 3072191). The company is one of the leaders in the volunteering sector and has built a deservedly excellent reputation over this time, not least for the amount of in-depth information which we provide.

Read up on our Head Office Team and our Overseas Travellers Teams.

2. What credible affiliations do you have?
Travellers is a Founder Member of the Year Out Group (www.yearoutgroup.org), which is a self-regulatory body set up with approval from UCAS and the DfES. Members of the Year Out Group must adhere to the very highest standards of year out provision and are only approved and accepted by the Group after rigorous inspection and approval process. Travellers is a Founder member and contributed substantially to the Code of Conduct requirements for the Voluntary Sector.

In the UK, Travellers has been with the Careers Services and Students Unions (and the Departments) in all the Universities in England since its inception in 1994 as well as with most Sixth Form schools and colleges. In the USA, we have also worked for many years with various universities and schools and have also had long-standing relationships with schools and universities in Canada, South Africa and Australia.

We work with many, many government departments, ruling bodies, NGOs, sports affiliates, and local community centres in all our countries around the world.

3. How do I know where my child will be?
All volunteers are given their full destination addresses, contact telephone numbers, emergency numbers and Overseas Manager's contact details, including, where possible, the address and contact details of our partner work organisations (e.g. schools, game reserves, work experience partner companies, etc.). We also provide a separate document with all the above information specifically to be given to our volunteers' parents and families for them to keep while their children are on their projects.

4. Are you registered with ATOL, etc.?
Your child has the option to arrange his/her own flights or we can assist them with their flight arrangements. If they choose to have us assist them, we will liaise with them regarding available flights and dates and obtain their approval for same. Once they have approved the dates, all arrangements for flight bookings/payments will be fulfilled by Murray Rogers Travel Ltd., ATOL No. 6856. (Read more about Murray Rogers Travel Ltd.)

As happens when volunteers make their own flight arrangements, airline tickets are sent to them before they leave home, so they are always in possession of their outward and return tickets.

Where possible, we arrange for two or more people to travel on the same flight and we provide your child with the names and telephone numbers of other volunteers on their flight, so that they can chat to each other or even meet up before leaving for their placement.

Please remember, you can always call and speak to us directly. We are very happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

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Testimonials from Parents

 “Many thanks for your assistance in making this a smooth process, also to Lucy.  It is always a worry …more so for us as parents than for Kevin himself !! And you have always answered our queries quickly and efficiently”.     Mrs Joy, mother of Kevin Joy going to China

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