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"Hi Jim & Liz, I just wanted to say what an amazing and wonderful time Sophie had in SA - she absolutely loved it and has come back with many ideas and dreams as to what she wants to do in the future - she hasn't stopped talking about it. If ever you need her to encourage others thinking of going - she would be ideal.
We are so proud of her!
Thanks so much for all your help with the trip. Think she may be going again next year!! who knows!
[Volunteer Sophie Evans' mother]

This Zone is solely for you as parents and guardians of children who are doing, or want to do, a program with Travellers. They will be in a foreign country and you will no doubt worry! The best thing you can do is fully acquaint yourself with where they're going, how they'll be looked after, how safe they'll be and who they're going with.

Here we answer all your questions, fill in Travellers' background and reassure you that your children are in safe hands with us!

For most first-time travellers, choosing  where to go can be daunting and confusing and they need help and advice. This is why our Country Consultants offer a free, no-obligation service to anyone who wants advice on choosing the best place and the most suitable projects for them. And, along with our in-country support staff, they continue to give assistance for the duration of your child's stay.  “Many thanks for your assistance in making this a smooth process. It is always a worry … more so for us as parents!! And you have always answered our queries quickly and efficiently”

As time goes on, we'll develop this Zone, hopefully with your help, into your one-stop source of information about your child's program with Travellers. In the meantime, here are some areas giving information that are currently available.

PARENTS SAFETY ZONE AND SAFETY FAQs: We take your son or daughters safety extremely seriously and do all we can to ensure that our projects are safe and that 24 hour assistance is available to all our volunteers. The FAQs in this Zone should answer some common safety questions and inform you about what you can do to help ensure your child has a safe, worthwhile and enjoyable experience on their placement with us.

FAQs ABOUT TRAVELLERS - WHO ARE WE?: We answer questions that will hopefully reassure you that we're reputable, reliable and very experienced. 

YOUR CHILD'S FINANCIAL SECURITY: Read about the insurance we take out for your child's placement to give added financial security for the money they pay to us.

Read up on our Head Office Team and our Overseas Travellers Teams.

The Year Out Group (YOG): Travellers is proud to say that we are a Founder Member of the Year Out Group, which was set up to monitor the practices of organisations like us to ensure that they provide structured, well organised projects to volunteers. YOG was formed 10 years ago "to promote the concept and benefits of well-structured year out programmes, to promote models of good practice and to help young people and their advisers in selecting suitable and worthwhile projects."

To be a member of the Year Out Group, members must comply with the following conditions

  • The YOG Code of Practice and Terms and Conditions

  • The YOG Charter, signed up to each year

  • Provide annual Accounts

  • Have a crisis and risk policy in place, together with trained staff

  • Have public liability insurance of at least £2 million

Organisations that comply with these conditions give volunteers the re-assurance and support that may be essential and will provide help and assistance if required.

"I will focus on two significant issues which gave me great comfort as a Mother with a boy in South Africa.  RJ's first placement was at a township school in Knysna (on the Indian Ocean) working with the students in the areas of voice and guitar.  He lived in a home with other volunteers, not with a family.  Shortly after arriving he could not find his wallet.  He went through the usual retracing of steps etc.  He had no money or credit cards at that point.  Luckily he had his passport.  Travellers Worldwide facilitated the transfer of funds, accommodating RJ in every way possible during this time.  When I thanked them in emails and apologized for the bother, their response was always, "that is why we are here." Subsequently they also made sure that the replacement credit card I sent went to them at a secure address. 

My second and perhaps more important reason for so respecting this organization is their suggestion that RJ change his plans for the second month of his stay in South Africa.  About two weeks into his placement at the township school he found out that the other volunteers were leaving early.  RJ would have been the only volunteer left for the second month.

RJ assumed he would just deal with this, but Travellers approached him with several alternative placements as soon as they realized he would be the only volunteer.  They took the initiative on this, recognizing that this would be a lonely experience for him during his free time.  They found a placement for him which worked with his pre-scheduled flight to Cape Town at the end of that second month.  He worked at a wildlife sanctuary experiencing a totally different side of South Africa than during his month at the township school.  If anything I would say this second placement stands out more for him in hindsight, although, during the first he would report to us how rewarding it was to teach and see the children progress.  He is planning on a teaching career in the Performing Arts (he is now a sophomore at Middlebury College), so clearly the experience was positive"

From Anne Adler, Richard Adler's mother (South Africa Volunteer)


Hi Dear Robin, Karen and Pradeep [Travellers Staff in India],

It's been two weeks since I got home and I am still walking in the clouds. I can't believe I was so privileged as to have been in India just a few weeks ago! It had been a wish of mine to go to India for a number of years, but somehow the time had never been right. Travellers helped one of my dreams come true! After my first somewhat slow week, everything went so well. I loved both my placements, enjoyed living at Anita's so much, got on very well with the other volunteers, enjoyed travelling in India, and appreciated and loved everything Indian. Thank you for having been there for me. It really is amazing that nothing was ever a problem for Pradeep or Robin and that anything needing sorting, was sorted so quickly.

Pradeep - Thanks for your support, company and for sharing your knowledge about Indian culture with me. Thanks for being the vital link to the placements.

Robin - It was great to be your neighbour. It was reassuring to have someone from Travellers living so close. You were the first friend I made upon arriving in Madurai and I really appreciate your offering your friendship and company when the other volunteers had not arrived yet. It was also really kind of you whenever you offered use of your computer and internet from your office, as well as the first call to my family on y first day. Furthermore, I really appreciated your observations about me.

Karen - Thanks for your support and for all the helpful info you gave me before I left for India; and for the emails you wrote to me while I was there. It was great to get to meet you in the last days. You were always very prompt and practical - thanks!

I miss you all!  Thanks, from the bottom of my heart! Geraldine :-)

Parents Zone Home Page
Your Child's Financial Security
FAQs about Safety
FAQs About Travellers
Testimonials from Parents

Report by Travellers Volunteer Liaison Eleanor about a Deaf Volunteer's Teaching placement at a Deaf School in Cape Town

Read Travellers Volunteer Gina Bishop's letter of thanks addressed to the Street Kids Project Head and the children (where she did her placement in Knysna, South Africa).

"I'd like to add my own comments that communications with all of the staff involved and myself were excellent and you were all more than willing to answer any questions (no matter how petty) in a caring and professional manner. I always felt that [Chris] was in extremely capable hands and did not worry about him being so many thousands of miles away.
I'd like to thank all of you involved in the project for all your help and kindness."
Linda - Chris's mum

Staff and volunteers in Brazil

Travellers joins with the British Safety Council to give volunteers a FREE Health & Safety Qualification.

Is your son/daughter teaching or working in care/social work as part of their  volunteer program? If so, they can learn to deliver valuable health and safety training to your students and gain a BSC Level 1 Certificate in Health and Safety at Work qualification for themselves.

“Annette, the project leader for New Zealand, was fantastic. Took me and the other volunteers out for a free dinner on my first night, paid regular visits to the hostel to make sure everybody was ok, and I doubt any problem that occurred would be too much for her to fix. Excellent service.”
John Robert Thornton (Journalism Volunteer in New Zealand)

"In the excitement of seeing my daughter again, I haven't properly thanked you for all your hard work in making sure Ayesha was safe and in the right place at all times. We were both impressed with the way Travellers looks after its volunteers and are very happy we stumbled across your website when we were doing our research.
 Ayesha has made some very good friends during her trip and it has proved an invaluable experience - she is still thinking about the kids every day. She was also very impressed with the project managers on the ground, especially Sharon in South Africa,so please pass on my gratitude to them also.  Take care!"
  Nadine Akre (Ayesha Akre's Mum)