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Memorial Weekend Offer $70 off All Projects
Memorial Weekend Offer $70 off All Projects: Terms & Conditions:

 $70US OFF ALL PROJECTS  booked this weekend only.

Offer ends 13:00hrs Tuesday 31st May.

(Excludes Sepilok Orangutan Project and optional add-ons)

If you book online the regular price will appear, but don't worry, the discount will be applied on your invoice on confirmation of booking.

Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount.

E&OE Excepted

Why not tailor-make your experience? Choose your own start and finish dates, combine 2 or more different projects, include an add-on project or as many extras as you wish to customise your placement and give you the trip of a lifetime! We've put together a range of DISCOUNTS AND OFFERS to help to make this all the more possible for you…

Recommend A Friend: and we'll give both of you $85 off the cost of your project. Recommend as many friends as you like and with each new friend you'll receive a further $85 off your project. To qualify, the friend must include your name in the Booking Form when making their booking. Projects must be of 4 weeks or longer to qualify.

Group Bookings: Groups of 5 or more may qualify for a group discount. Please contact us for more details.

Loyalty Discount: Our varied programmes mean that many volunteers come back to Travellers year after year. To thank you for your loyalty, we give you 10% discount off the cost of any more projects you book with us. Projects must be of 4 weeks or longer to qualify.

Multi-Project Discount: (Same Country).  Book 2 or more projects in the same country and receive a discount of $475 off each additional project! Each project must be of 4 weeks or longer to qualify.

Multi-Project Discount: (Different Countries). Book 2 or more projects in different countries and pay full price only for the highest priced project - you’ll receive 10% discount off each of the additional projects. Each project must be of 4 weeks or longer to qualify.

Projects at Home: If you book a project in your Home Country (Country of Residence) you'll receive a 10% discount. Projects must be of 4 weeks or longer to qualify. If you book two or more projects of 4 weeks or longer in your Home Country, you'll receive 10% discount on the first project AND $475 discount off each additional project.

‘Combined Projects’ Discounts: We've put together a choice selection of projects that we feel complement each other and we've then taken a big chunk off the price.

‘Short Break Specials’: (1, 2 and 3 week short breaks). We've put together a range of projects aimed at those people who only have a limited time available. Short Break Specials are offered at a much reduced price and for a shorter-than-usual period. As such, some Short Break Specials may vary slightly from the full project description.

Optional Add-Ons: We've put together a range of Optional Add-Ons that we feel will complement your project and enhance the overall experience of your trip with us. Some Add-Ons will run at the same time as your project, others can be taken before or after your project.

Discounts and Offers Terms:

  • Offers can only be used against 'full' project bookings of 4 weeks or more.

  • The following projects are not eligible for offers: Malaysia (Sepilok Orang-Utan project), Zimbabwe (All projects), Zambia (Lions).

  • The following offers are already discounted and are not eligible for further discount: Combined Projects, Short Break Specials and Optional Add-On's and Promotional Offers.

  • Where applicable, discounts are applied against the cheaper project.

  • Only one offer can be applied against a given project i.e. the same project cannot be discounted twice.

  • Although a project can have only one discount applied against it, the same project can be used to qualify for another discount which may then be applied against another project. i.e. A returning volunteer books two projects, the first project qualifies for the Loyalty Discount, and using the first project to qualify, the second project then also qualifies for the Multiple Project Discount (either Same Country or Different Country). In a situation where more than one discount applies to the same project, the higher discount will be used.

  • Recommend A Friend is against the booking, not the project, as such Recommend A Friend can be used in conjunction with other offers.

  • Group Discounts cannot be combined with any other offers.

  • Participants are only eligible for offers whilst their booking meets the criteria as set out in these terms. Should there be any subsequent changes to the booking, resulting in the participant no longer meeting the criteria, the participant will automatically forfeit the right to the offer/s, and the participant's booking will be adjusted accordingly.

  • Offers/discounts cannot be used against any associated products/services (Flights, Insurance, Visa's, T-Shirts etc). Offers are non-transferable. No cash alternative is available. We reserve the right to change the Terms at any time.

  • Offers/discounts cannot be applied retrospectively.

Special Offers and Discounts Terms & Conditions

  • Special Offers are changed periodically and Terms & Conditions may vary according to the offer in place at that time - please check before booking

  • All offers subject to availability.

  • Special Offers cannot be used in conjuntion with any other offer

  • Discount will be applied manually. Online applications will show non-discounted price which Travellers Worldwide will adjust on receipt of booking. The same applies to Price List pages on this website.

  • Where additional Add-Ons are included in the "Special Offer", they are subject to availability and no cash alternative is available. The add-ons must be taken within the duration of your project and cannot be deferred.

  • These Terms & Conditions are in addition to and should be read in conjunction with the standard booking terms and conditions above.

  • Special Offers can be offered for periods starting from 1 week in duration.

Travelers occasionally offers a lower deposit instead of the standard $310. The Deposit is non-refundable and, apart from the caveats in this box, normal cancellation terms apply. This is available for all projects excluding those listed below.

Internships in Auckland (New Zealand)
Sepilok Orangutan Project (Malaysia).
All Projects in Zimbabwe

The Lion Project in Zambia

Please note that if you want to book one of the excluded projects above you'll only be able to pay a Special Offer Deposit amount because of our system set-up. This WILL NOT secure your booking as the full $310 deposit is required for these specific projects so we will call you to take the deposit balance.

Volunteer Jenny Short with an Elephant