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by Katie Baxter

As part of my Tourism Management degree I was required to complete a one year work experience placement. It was hard to find opportunities in the current economic climate and with no previous office work experience but then I found this internship at Travellers Worldwide, in the field I had always wanted to work where you can really make a difference.

Luckily, I sent through my CV and they quickly came back with the offer of an interview! On the interview day, after half an hour Id been introduced to the team and at the end of the interview I left the office with a 40 week internship my career was on its way!

On my first day I was introduced to everyone and given a thorough induction. I was made to feel at home from the first moment. Within a week I was a bona fide member of the team and already had my own responsibilities!

Theres no such thing as a typical day at Travellers, as it is always very varied for example today I started off with doing some administration; working on the arrangements for volunteer placements, before working on new project and destination development, before finally finishing off by using on my writing abilities to create supporting wording to go out with Travellers project description documents.

The internship has been a perfect mix of learning and development Ive been able to use my strengths whilst working at Travellers, but Ive also been able to learn a lot from different departments that I had little knowledge of. It was also the perfect opportunity to put into practice what I had learnt from my degree so far, and this internship will undoubtedly help further my career due to the practical experience that Ive gained.

On the whole this internship has been very rewarding, and at the same time Ive learnt a great deal of transferable skills - all of which will look wonderful on my CV!

I was dreading the end of my internship as I knew it would be very hard to leave - thankfully, Travellers has prevented this problem by offering me a job over the summer instead!

Katie Baxter

The Work Duties whilst on an Internship with Travellers can include;

  • Administrative Support to Project Coordinators and Finance Team
  • Updating and Maintaining Directory Websites & University Listings
  • Developing and Managing Content on Travellers Blog
  • Social Network Sites Setup and Maintenance of Travellers Facebook & Twitter Accounts.
  • Webinars Recording, Editing and Extracting Key Information.
  • Developing & Maintaining Database Content
  • Creation & Distribution of Travellers Mailshots.

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