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The types of volunteer projects abroad you can choose from are briefly described below. To read more detailed information about the different types of projects, please click on the relevant links.

Our volunteer projects abroad suit everyone, from 16/17 year-old gappers to Career Breakers and Grown Up Gappers in their 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s, as well as for the more mature volunteers who have retired but have lots of experience and energy to give to society (read more). And if you want some additional short adventure activities, like tours, safaris and cultural courses while you're on your placement, we have lots of Optional Add-Ons too!

  • Teach Conversational English and other subjects in most of our destinations:
    You don't need any qualifications. You'll give much-needed help to children in local communities. You can also teach Sports, Drama, IT, academic subjects, Music, Football, Cricket - the list is almost endless. Your help is very much appreciated.

  • Teach Drama, Music and Dance in most of our destinations:
    Teach Drama, Music and/or Dance in schools in poorer communities. The Arts are an excellent means of communicating and are also huge fun for the kids! You don't need any qualifications., just lots of enthusiasm. You can also take Dance Courses yourself.

  • Coach and/or Play Sports in most of our destinations:
    Travellers is the largest provider of Sports coaching and playing projects. For example, Football is very popular in Brazil, Ghana, South Africa, Sri Lanka and India. We've started a Cricket Coaching project in Ghana which desperately needs volunteers to ensure that the project continues. You can also teach sports that don't have such a high profile, such as basketball or netball - there are over 20 different types of sports for you to choose from.

  • Care and Orphanage Projects, plus Community Development in most of our destinations:
    These projects are extremely fulfilling with a huge "feel good" factor. You can help in orphanages, creches, street centres and Centres for the mentally or physically disabled. You'll give so much and gain so much more!

  • Conservation Placements in most of our destinations:
    Work with orphaned Elephants, Orang Utans, Lions, Rhinos, Leopards, Cheetahs, Wild Dogs and many more different species. You can also help to maintain coral reefs, natural forests and waterways.

  • Work Experience Internships in most of our destinations:
    Travellers is the leading provider of well-structured work experience placements. Gain experience in Law, Journalism, Medicine, Physiotherapy, Architecture, Hotel & Catering, Web Design, Veterinary Medicine, Tourism, and more. An excellent entry on your CV.

  • Language Courses: in Argentina, Brazil, China, India
    Live the language! We have courses in Spanish in Argentina and Ecuador, Portuguese in Brazil, Mandarin in China, Tamil in India. You can also combine a language course with any other type of project if you'd like to!

  • Something Different! Cultural Courses in most destinations
    Learn the Salsa and Tango in Argentina, or take a Photography course, or Tai Chi, Chinese Paining, Asian Cookery, Meditation and Yoga  .... We have lots of cultural opportunities and "off the wall" projects to make your time overseas even more exciting!

  • Combined Placements:
    You can combine two or more placements in two or more countries ...
    and the choice of countries is yours! For example, you could teach in South Africa and do a conservation placement in Sri Lanka - two totally different cultures and lifestyles.


Our programmes continue after your work is completed, ensuring that the help you provide is long-term and on-going. On most of our projects, the much-needed work involved would have to stop owing to lack of funding and/or expertise if it weren't for your help and our financial support. Your placement will be interesting and rewarding for you and the people you help in your host country - and you won't want to leave! 

"It was a very sad goodbye at the school ... the experience we had was amazing. We still think back on it every day and we know that there are already lots of letters waiting for us." Carlijn and Debbie, South Africa

"The teaching was hard work at times ... however, the whole experience was very rewarding and we both gained so much from it. The school were very friendly and welcoming and all the staff looked after us very well. We were made to feel wanted and they were very appreciative of all our efforts." Nicholas Harland and Tom Gilchrist, India.

"I want to praise your services at Travellers - everyone I've spoken to or been in touch with has been very helpful. On top of this I'd like to say that the website is absolutely wonderful. I have had a good look through it and it has all the kind of details people would ask questions about, on top of advice etc., and overall it was just very detailed and extremely helpful. So if there's anywhere that customer comments are accepted, please pass on how happy I have been both with my staff encounters as well as the website there at Travellers!" Katy Bradbury, Sri Lanka and Malaysia

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Volunteering Projects Abroad

(Stephanie Edwards on her placement in South Africa!)

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