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3 Countries, 3 Cities, 6 Weeks ...
This South and Central American Experience is designed to offer Travellers volunteers a varied and insightful volunteering, cultural and adventure travel experience. You'll do three separate 2-week projects in three of South America' most appealing destinations, ARGENTINA, BRAZIL and ECUADOR.

In Argentina you'll live it up in cosmopolitan Buenos Aires and then on to Brazil where you'll take in that most vibrant of all cities; Rio de Janeiro! For the third exciting exploration, you'll go to Central America, to Quito in Ecuador ... wow!

This really is a unique experience. With a selection of voluntary work projects to choose from, as well as additional cultural courses available to you in each city, we’ve done all the hard work! All you have to do is handpick your perfect itinerary… This experience can also be offered in the opposite 'direction' if this fits in better with your travel plans.

Start Dates Generally all year round, but not available in the following periods:
School Winter Holiday from mid July to the end of July, and
Summer Holiday from mid December to mid February
Duration 6 weeks.
Requirements Minimum age 17, no qualifications necessary (just a good dose of enthusiasm!).
Price £2,995 /  $3,800  Full Price List and other Currencies
What's included Accommodation Food (2 meals per day in Argentina  only) Meeting you at the Airport in your first destination Transfer to your accommodation Transport to and from your project Full pre-departure support Local in-country team support and backup 24-hr emergency support Free T-Shirt.
What's not included Flights Insurance Long-distance transfers between the three locations (though you will be taken to the bus station/airport in each location) Return transfer for the airport in your last destination Optional Extra Activities Optional Sightseeing Tours, Any necessary Visas
Who can do this Project? All projects are open to all nationalities.
Unless otherwise stated, you need to be aged between 17 and 70+


  • An exciting, never-to-be-forgotten adventure into Latin America.

  • New skills, more confidence, a greater understanding of a different culture, invaluable personal and professional development.

  • An entry on your CV or résumé that will put you head and shoulders above most others in the job market

  • And best of all ... an unforgettable experience!



Volunteering in Brazil

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You will fly first into Argentina’s cosmopolitan capital city, Buenos Aires, where you will be met at the airport by our friendly, lively organisers and settled in to your accommodation.

"I really loved time here in Buenos Aires. Met so many great people.
I'm going back later this year to find work. I love Buenos Aires!"
Matthew Rocket

The seductive and bustling capital of Buenos Aires is a city rich in cultural heritage, renowned for its cosmopolitan, chic attitude. Buenos Aires hosts a surprisingly European feel, reminiscent of Paris with its chic tree-lined avenues and wonderful plazas which have a beguiling, faded elegance. Certainly one of Latin America's most popular cities, there is plenty to keep you entertained - day and night…

Volunteer Projects Available in Buenos Aires:

Optional Activities you can do while on your Project:
If you would like to take any of our 'optional activities' as main projects, that's fine! Just speak to your Project Co-ordinator.

  • Tango Courses:
    That most flamboyant and exciting of Latin American rhythms. Includes a weekly Milonga (Tango party) – great fun!

  • Salsa Courses:
    Salsa music is a synthesis of European and African musical influences that was born in Cuba. You’ll learn from a Cuban teacher who will tailor lessons to suit your level, even totally beginners.

  • Spanish Language Courses:
    You can take a few hours of private lessons a week at the same time as doing your project. You'll be amazed at how much it will add to your enjoyment during your stay.

  • Photography Courses:
    6 hours per week of photography lessons in colourful Buenos Aires where there is a host of subjects you can capture with your camera.

Your Project Staff in Buenos Aires:
Adriana and Melina are two wonderful ladies who work together to manage our volunteers and projects in Argentina. They are born and bred in Buenos Aires and Adriana has been with Travellers since 2002. They speak fluent English and Spanish. They are both very enthusiastic about their work and life in general. They’ll be in charge of making you feel at home in Buenos Aires!

quito, ECUADOR: 2 WEEKS:
Ecuador is small and big - small in size and big in bio-diversity. The Amazon and the Andes draw millions of visitors and so do the fascinating Galápagos islands which lie some 600 miles off the coast. Ecuador is a must-see country to explore. We have projects located in Quito, the vibrant capital city, and the fabulous Galápagos islands.

The city of Quito is very friendly with lots to do in the evenings, including an array of restaurants that cater for every taste in food.

Volunteer Projects Available in Quito:
Click the links to read more about the individual projects

You can also do your project on the Galapagos Islands instead if you prefer to. Please speak to us for details. There will be a small surcharge to cover transport from Quito to the Islands.

“I had so many experiences there that I could NEVER have gotten anywhere else. Ecuador is a beautiful country andIi met so many people from Ecuador and all over the world. A couple of my friends and I went to the Amazon rainforest for a weekend and it was an experience that I can NEVER forget! We went to a lake in the Amazon and we swam around and none of us have ever felt more free and in touch with the nature around us. At the Jamu Lodge we did not have electricity which was cool because we did everything by candle light and that was perfect for when the tour guide would tell us his jungle stories. That was an experience that I thank god everyday that I had the chance to have.”
Sarah Murphy, Ecuador Care Project


Florianópolis, or Floripa as it's known, is the capital city of Santa Catarina in southern Brazil. It is composed of one main island, Ilha de Santa Catarina, and a number of surrounding small islands. Floripa is a natural treasure with truly exceptional sights, like beautiful lagoons, stunning beaches, rolling mountains lush with Atlantic rainforest, soft white dunes and an array of small offshore islands. It is a favourite summer destination for many Brazilians and has been quoted by Veja Magazine as the best place to live in Brazil!

Floripa has something for everyone, from authentic and rustic fishing villages to surfer's paradises, high-end Brazilian summer getaways, pristine and untouched nature reserves just minutes away from modern shopping malls and cinema complexes. It boasts an amazing 42 beaches, and surfers and aspiring-surfers will be pleased to know that Floripa (as Florianópolis is called for short) has some of the best waves in all of Brazil.

Other outdoor activities include kite-surfing, scuba diving, sand-boarding, hiking, hang gliding, mountain biking, rock climbing and horseback riding!

Volunteer Projects Available in Florianopolis:

Teach English to Children on the Island of Florianopolis
Click the link to read more about this project

Care for Children in Creches on Florianopolis Island
Click the link to read more about this project




This experience runs throughout the year! If you would like to do this experience but for some reason cannot start on our set start date or require something different to the set itinerary - please contact us as flexibility can often be arranged! Set Departure dates are as follows:


Generally all year round, but not available in the following periods:

School Winter Holiday from mid July to the end of July, and
Summer Holiday from m
id December to mid February


You have the option to arrange your own flights or we can assist you with your flight arrangements. If you would like us to do this for you, we will liaise with you regarding available flights and dates to suit you. All arrangements for your flight bookings/payments will be fulfilled by Murray Rogers Travel Limited, ATOL No. 6856. Where possible, we arrange for two or more people to travel on the same flight and we will let you have the names and telephone numbers of other volunteers on your flight, so that you can chat to each other or even meet up before leaving for your placement.

You'll fly into Buenos Aires where you'll be met by a member of Travellers Argentina staff. From the airport you'll be taken to your accommodation in Buenos Aires and settled in.

Transport between locations is by comfortable, air conditioned bus and you will be met by local staff on arrival in each new location. On your departure, you will be taken to the airport in Rio de Janeiro and waved off as you move on with all your wonderful memories and experiences!

VISAS: Visa’s are not required for a stay of 90 days if you are a British Passport holder. If you're from another country, we'll liase with you about your visa requirements, if any, and make the Visa process very easy. 

Where possible, all flights we arrange for you have changeable return tickets because many of our volunteers choose to extend their stay once they are in their destination country. Changeable return tickets enable you to do so, within the limits of your visa and the level of your air ticket, of course. If you choose to book your own flights, you should endeavour to get a changeable ticket.

To read about the excellent Support & Backup we provide before you leave and during your program, please click here.

We can also arrange your flight dates to give you additional time at the end of your project for travelling around and sightseeing - South America is a fascinating and wondrous continent!


This compact Experience offers you a varied and insightful volunteering, cultural and travel experience through South Africa, Zambia & Zimbabwe. In South Africa, travel the gorgeous Western Cape Route, then experience Zambia and Zimbabwe from either side of the awe inspiring Victoria Falls, in Livingstone, Zambia, and at Zimbabwe's Lion Breeding Project, where you can really walk with Lions! "The walk with the lions was the highlight of my entire life!"

Got any questions? Please email us: